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Macy's advertising dollars supports Huffingtonpost.com who calls America’s military racists, fundraises for CAIR, defends the Muslim Brotherhood and publishes other Islamist propaganda.

The email for this article was deactivated after Macy's stopped advertising.

Please post Facebook message at https://www.facebook.com/Macys to urge Macy's to stop advertising at Huffingtonpost.com who calls American military racists, fundraises for CAIR, defends the Muslim Brotherhood and publishes Islamist propaganda.

Macy's is
advertising at Huffingtonpost.com who calls American military racists, fundraises for CAIR, defends the Muslim Brotherhood and publishes Islamist propaganda.  Florida Family Association's monitoring records report that Macy's has advertised at Huffingtonpost.com for several months with the last month being more frequent.

Huffingtonpost.com published an article on August 18, 2017 that calls America’s finest, our soldiers "racist" in its article titled “Becoming A Racist: The Unfortunate Side Effect Of Serving Your Country?”  In addition to smearing America’s finest with the racist title it trashes our police as well.  This article broadly paints the racist title for the people who give their lives for our public safety.

Huffington Post has published numerous articles that promote Islamist propaganda.  Huffington Post articles have defended the Muslim Brotherhood, fundraised for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), blamed Christian Islamophobia for worldwide conflict with Muslims, promoted an anti-Semitic blog, encouraged Islamist demagoguery, and promoted other Islamist propaganda.  Additionally, the Huffington Post has former Al Jazeera journalists writing articles and Huffington Post Arabic is led by hard line Islamists from Al Jazeera. The Huffington Post published an article written by Ben Piven on January 12, 2017 titled “Why Al Jazeera America Failed, And Why We Need It More Than Ever.”  The subtitle stated “America desperately needs something similar to pioneer this new era of uncertainty and misinformation.”  Ben Piven “was at Al Jazeera for over 5 years, including several years at AJAM in New York City and also in Doha at AJE during the height of the Arab Spring.”

The Huffington Post Arabic edition is run by two hardline Islamists according to a report published by BreitbartAnas Fouda, an Egyptian native now living in Muslim Brotherhood-friendly Turkey, is the new editor-in-chief of HuffPost Arabi. He was arrested by UAE authorities in 2013 after being charged with being a leader in the Islamist group, according to a NOW Lebanon, which linked to an article in which Fouda allegedly admitted that he has been a member of the Brotherhood since 1988. Prior to becoming the Huffington Post Arabic editor, Fouda was an executive producer at Al Jazeera Arabic, a network accused of having rabidly pro-Brotherhood biases.  The Huffington Post’s Arabic venture was created after the left-wing news network teamed up with Integral Media Strategies, an organization led by Wadah Khanfar, who was previously employed as Al Jazeera Arabic’s managing director. Khanfar, like Fouda, has been arrested by an Arab government (Jordan) on suspicion that he was a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood terror group. Additionally, Zvi Mazel, the former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt, has in the past noted with certainty that “Wadah Khanfar is a Muslim Brother,” and that the former Al Jazeera chief turned the network into a “weapon in the service of” the Muslim Brotherhood.

The following articles are examples of some of the Huffington Post's recent Islamist propaganda:

•     The Huffington Post published an article on July 27, 2017 titled "I Became Muslim Because Of Jesus."  The html link for this article states "Jesus guided me to Islam."  This is one of many outrageous articles posted at Huffingtonpost.com.

•     Huffington Post published an article on June 24, 2017 titled Most Of America’s Terrorists Are White, And Not Muslim.  The subheading stated "Right-wing terror is real, and it’s a problem."  The title speaks for itself as fake utter nonsense.

•    Huffington Post published an article on June 25, 2017 titled Another Violent Ramadan.  This article, which appears to focus on quelling people’s criticism of Islam, biasedly profiled a handful of incidents (many of them alleged incidents) that victimized Muslims.  The article quoted reports by the Council on American Islamic Relations.  HOWEVER, the article failed to report the overwhelming VIOLENCE that the people of Islam committed during Ramadan.  During Ramadan 2017 there were 161 Muslim terror attacks that killed 1,483 people and wounded 1,557 others.

Seventeen examples of Huffington Post’s Islamist propaganda articles are posted at the bottom of this article

Macy's certainly has the right to advertise in whatever forum it chooses.  You have the same right to voice concern regarding the content on such forums and choose to spend your money elsewhere.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to urge Macy's officers and directors to stop supporting  Huffingtonpost.com propaganda with its advertising dollars. 

The email for this article was deactivated after Macy's stopped advertising.

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