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FiscalNote’s VoterVoice empowers CAIR to attack Jeanine Pirro, Tucker Carlson advertisers and defend Muslim Rep Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic vitriol.

Click here to send your email to encourage FiscalNote officers and directors to review how CAIR is using VoterVoice to attack Corporate America and defend anti-Semitism.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is using the VoterVoice email platform to attack companies that advertise on Fox News Jeanine Pirro and Tucker Carlson shows.  CAIR also used VoterVoice to call on St. Barnabas Health System in Pennsylvania to drop Fox News host Jeanine Pirro as a speaker at an April event.

FiscalNote owns VoterVoice.  FiscalNote promotes VoterVoice as a tool for legislative advocacy: “VoterVoice is a comprehensive digital advocacy solution to help you organize your stakeholders and amplify your message. Take action on the legislation and regulations that matter to you. Support or oppose legislation at every level.  Our best-in-class address matching capabilities connect your advocates with their local, state, and federal lawmakers, ensuring your message is heard by those with the power to enact change.” 

However, FiscalNote is clearly allowing CAIR to use its VoterVoice platform to go beyond contacting legislative officials by targeting corporate officials.  CAIR’s VoterVoice call to action that attacks Fox News advertisers states:  “[Note: This email is being sent to Fox News and the leadership of corporations that advertise on Fox News, including ADT, Allstate, Chevrolet, Dine Brands, Experian, HomeAdvisor, Office Depot, Procter & Gamble, and Progressive]”  Many years ago, Florida Family Association was a VoterVoice customer.  However, Florida Family Association was forced to leave VoterVoice because it would not allow Florida Family Association to send emails in the way that it is now allowing CAIR to send emails to Corporate America.    CAIR’s use of VoterVoice to target Corporate America appears to be a departure from what FiscalNote’s own web site states that VoterVoice is intended to be used for which is legislative activism.

CAIR is also using VoterVoice to defend anti-Semitism by opposing federal legislation that responded to Muslim Representative Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic vitriol. 

CAIR cannot attack the speech platforms used by people to express legitimate concerns about oppressive Islamist creeds and expect no one to challenge the speech platform CAIR used in its attack.  CAIR used VoterVoice to target Fox News advertisers and the St. Barnabas Health System even though FiscalNote’s own website states VoterVoice targets are legislative officials and does not mention targeting Corporate America and even though VoterVoice prohibited Florida Family Association from emailing Corporate America.

The FiscalNote website lists some of its clients as:  The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, NAFIS, NFIB, Americans for the Arts, AONE A Voice for Nursing Leadership, CNDA California Naturopathic Doctors Association, ASHNHA Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association, Printing Industries Alliance and Chambers of Commerce.

How many FiscalNote clients would appreciate VoterVoice going beyond its advertised legislative focus by allowing CAIR to target them, their business alliance and Corporate America?  How many FiscalNote clients would appreciate VoterVoice empowering CAIR to defend anti-Semitism?  Will CAIR also be allowed to pursue its agenda by using VoterVoice to defend Sharia law, ISIS widows, terrorists and attack anti-terrorism experts, Terror Watch List laws and No Fly List laws which protect millions of Americans?

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to encourage FiscalNote officers and directors to review how CAIR is using VoterVoice to attack Corporate America and defend anti-Semitism.

To send your email, please click the following link, enter your name and email address then click the "Send Your Message" button. You may also edit the subject or message text if you wish.

Click here to send your email to encourage FiscalNote officers and directors to review how CAIR is using VoterVoice to attack Corporate America and defend anti-Semitism.

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