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More companies pull advertising from shows that target teens and children with inappropriate content.

Florida Family Association places a priority on monitoring shows which target children with homosexual propaganda and explicitly immoral content.


Florida Family Association monitors numerous television shows and contacts the companies that advertise during them using custom email communication and tracking software.  Several companies recently responded to emails from the Florida Family Association office regarding their advertisements on some of the monitored shows.


BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE:  Spike TV’s Blue Mountain State is a show about the many perversions of a college football team that has orange and blue uniforms like the Florida Gators. Numerous Blue Mountain State episodes have portrayed the quarterback as an alleged Christian who prays with his players but who is also sexually depraved. 

GEICO  “In 2010 we told you we stopped advertising on Blue Mountain State; we did stop advertising on that program. Recently when we heard our ads were reappearing on the show, we couldn’t believe it was true as that would be overturning our direct order to restrict any GEICO advertising on the show. We pressed our media buyer for more information.  Viacom Media Networks Entertainment Group told us (in part):  This is the result of an oversight by me and my team. In the future at the beginning of each quarter I will lead a comprehensive unit by unit review of all Geico inventory for that quarter. This task is generally completed by members of my team but going forward I will lead the process for Geico.  I would like to apologize on behalf of my entire team and offer a guarantee that this will never happen again.  Our sincerest apologies." Christine Tasher, GEICO Public Relations Director.


  PRETTY LITTLE LIARS:  ABC family aired 6 back to back reruns of Pretty Little Liars on October 19, 2011.  Three characters on Pretty Little Liars are lesbian.   More than half or 1.3 million of the 2.5 million female viewers of ABC's Pretty Little Liars lesbian show are CHILDREN, GIRLS between the ages of 12 and 18. 

The following companies informed Florida Family Association that they would not advertise again on Pretty Little Liars.

Stein Mart:  “I am traveling, so I do not know any of the details of this issue. Please realize that we do not make our choice of programming directly. We have a media buying service. Clearly, because of the age that you state this group has, it is not our target audience.  Thank you for calling this to my attention; I shall look into it immediately. Thank you." Jay Stein, President.

Zoom Tan: “I had to cancel the entire ABC family station to get my commercials off Pretty Little Liars. I don't know when it will take effect exactly but I am sure it will be this week. I won’t always cancel an entire channel to stop our random rotators from appearing on certain shows." Tony Toepfer, President.

  RATED A FOR ADULT:  The G4TV show Rated A for Adult is a program devoted to promoting the hardcore pornography industry. Sadly, this means that tens of thousands of teenagers and children who tune in for the video gaming shows on G4TV may be exposed to Rated A for Adult.

Fast Brite: "Obviously not our intention, checking into this today and I will get back to you." Steven Silbiger, CEO.

Fast Brite recently started advertising on the program and quickly became a leading advertiser especially since almost no main stream companies continue to advertise after receiving emails from the Florida Family Association office.

Florida Family Association places a priority on monitoring shows which target children with homosexual propaganda and explicitly immoral content.  Blue Mountain State, Pretty Little Liars and Rated A for Adult are all shows which unfortunately target youth with immorality.

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