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Florida Family Association's achievements.


Florida Family Association's 2022 Achievements.

Countered  leftists’  final attempts  to  take  over  the   election   process   with   S.1   “For   the People Act” and undo the 60 vote cloture rule.   Senator Joe Manchin (D-WVA) and Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) made it abundantly clear in January 2022 to their leftist out of control Democrat colleagues  that  they  did  not  support  ending  the  60  vote cloture (filibuster) rule.  If Democrats had succeeded in abolishing the filibuster the leftists would have pushed through extreme legislation that would have given election governance to the leftist deep state to control election outcomes for years to come.  They also would  have been  able  to  pass  other  reckless bills including $5 trillion Build Back Better and Transgender preference rules.   Florida Family Association sent out numerous email alerts over a period of several months that asked people to send  emails  to  encourage  Senator  Joe  Manchin, Senator Kyrsten Sinema, other more moderate Democrat senators and Democrat senators who were up for reelection in 2022 to uphold the 60 vote cloture rule.   Both Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Kyrsten Sinema received over  24,000  emails  regarding  the  60  vote  cloture issue and election legislation from Florida Family Association subscribers.   S.1 failed   in   the   United   States  Senate   and  the 60 vote cloture rule was kept in place.   Florida  Family  Association’s  final email alerts in January 2022 on this issue thanked Senators Manchin and Sinema for standing firm in support of the 60 vote cloture (filibuster) rule.

Countered the left’s bill that sought to federalize election rules that could empower them to legalize corrupt voting practices which was at the heart of the left’s plan to try to abolish 60 vote cloture (filibuster) rule (as noted above).  The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act is the left’s  latest bill this year which seeks to federalize   elections   and   take  control of voting  regulations  away  from  the states.  This legislation specifically allows the federal government to promulgate any rule they choose for state and local election offices.   This means the federal government could: Mandate mail in ballots for every elector in every state; Prohibit states from requiring voter identification; Allow ballot harvesting where activists go door to door and complete the ballot for the elector; Allow private drop boxes which  activists can stuff with their  manufactured  ballots  or  never turn in ballots for precincts with demographics  that  favor  their  electoral opponents; Allow corporations to give private grants to local election  offices  under  the  guise of helping to fund operations but actually have strings attached which require the election offices to handle ballots in the way that best serves certain activists.  This legislation passed the U.S. House of Representatives on August 24, 2021.  The New York Post published an article on January 17, 2022 titled “Schumer to push doomed filibuster vote after debate Tuesday on voting reforms.” Florida Family Association launched one last email alert that encouraged people to send emails to urge moderate Democrat senators to oppose this legislation and oppose changing the 60 vote cloture rule.  The senate voted 50—50 to approve the election bill but it failed to pass because 60 votes were required.  The senate failed to approve the 60 vote cloture measure that followed.

Urged Soros backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to reverse his wrongful murder charges against store owner Jose Alba for defending himself against a violent career criminal.   Soros backed Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg charged convenience store owner Jose Alba with second degree murder of Austin Simon.  Simon attacked Jose Alba in Alba’s store.  Alba defended himself with a box cutting knife that resulted in fatal injuries to Austin Simon.   Florida Family Association joined in with many others, including the mayor of New York City, several council members and bodega leaders, to call on  the  DA  to  drop  the murder charge.  The Florida Family Association email alert gave subscribers a forum to easily send emails to encourage DA Bragg to drop the murder charge against Jose Alba.  Florida Family  Association  subscribers  sent close to 15,000 emails to DA Alvin Bragg’s office urging him to recognize  the rights of crime victims to defend themselves by dropping charges against Jose Alba.  DA Alvin Bragg dropped the charges against Jose Alba.

Countered the leftist censorship bias of GoFundMe.   California  based GoFundMe did not like consumers (including many Americans) donating $10 million to support the Canadian Trucking Alliance’s Freedom Convoy.   GoFundMe initially decided to steal the money and give it to charities of its choice which could have included Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  GoFundMe allowed Black Lives Matter and Antifa to raise money on its platform.  However, the company did not let Kyle Rittenhouse raise money for his legal defense.   GoFundMe  needed  to  hear  from  consumers  that  their leftist bias toward certain consumers is despicable and will not be tolerated.  Florida Family Association sent out an email alert that encouraged people to send emails to express concern to GoFundMe officials regarding their leftist bias.

Influenced 266 out of 349 companies (76%) to stop advertising on The ReidOut.   Joy  Reid  supports  defund  the  police  movement, defends Black Lives Matter riots, promotes reparations, advocates Critical Race Theory and disparages white people especially Christian white people.  Joy Reid’s show on MSNBC  epitomizes  the  harmful  elements  of Critical Race Theory (CRT).   Reid  is so prolific with anti-white hate speech that Tucker Carlson on Fox News calls her “the race lady.”   The ReidOut’s  host,  sit  in  hosts  and  some contributors  practice  anti-white  hate  that   is offensive, racist and likely inspires hate among some viewers  of  this  show.  Florida Family Association started contacting companies that advertised on The ReidOut show in November 2021.    The companies that  Stopped  Advertising  and the companies that Continued Advertising are listed at floridafamily.org.  Florida Family Association cannot fight ALL of the anti-white woke racist shows but it can fight the worst one with ALL it has.  Why is this campaign important?  The ReidOut, Joy Reid on MSNBC, is one of the most racist and pro-Critical Race Theory shows on television.  Florida Family Association's first objective is to successfully encourage these companies  to  stop  advertising.   However,  the second objective which is just as important if not more important is that these companies need to know  that there are many people, many consumers, who are adamantly  opposed  to Critical  Race Theory  and the Black Lives Matter movement.   Many of these companies are embracing or considering Critical Race Theory in their own policies.   Office emails and the emails  from  thousands  of Florida Family Association supporters counter the leftist pressure on these companies to embrace Critical Race Theory.    Apart from this campaign regarding, The ReidOut these companies may never receive a significant number of opposing comments regarding Critical Race Theory.

Influenced 1,936  out of 1,960  companies to  stop  advertising  at  HuffPost.  HuffPost.com  supports the Islamist political agenda and spews vitriolic propaganda that inspires leftist hate. HuffPost.com calls America’s military racists, fundraises  for CAIR, defends the Muslim Brotherhood and publishes Islamist propaganda. HuffPost propaganda mocks, belittles and blames people who are concerned about radical Islam in a manner that impairs the willingness of some people to speak up for public safety.  Islamophobia propaganda is the top tool  Islamists  use  to influence Americans to ignore advancement of Sharia doctrine in America.    Florida    Family  Association  started  sending  emails  in  April   2016 to encourage the CEO  and  Marketing Vice  President  of  companies  that   advertise   at  Huffpost.com  to  stop supporting the website's propaganda with its customers’ money.  HuffPost’s new parent company BuzzFeed,  who purchased HuffPost from Verizon, laid off 47 employees in March 2021 to stem a $20 million deficit.   HuffPost  CEO Jonah Peretti told  staffers  that  HuffPost’s  losses totaled around $20  million  in  2020.   “Though  BuzzFeed is a profitable company, we don’t have the resources to support another  two  years  of losses,” Peretti said.  The two years Peretti spoke of ends in January 2023.  So it appears that HuffPost has significantly amped up the number of new companies advertising because the cash BuzzFeed received from Verizon to help it get through two years of operations is running out.  The race is on.   And  Florida  Family  Association  is  in  that race devoting more hours than ever before to contacting companies that advertise at Huffpost.com.  This project will continue in 2023.
Influenced 1,058 out of 1,066 companies to stop advertising at Aljazeera.com aka Al Jazeera America.  Aljazeera.com is referred to as Al Jazeera America by web news feeds.  Al Jazeera, whose leaders espouse hate for Israel, who showed disdain for Paris murder victims, is a news company that is owned by the non-democratic, monarch-styled  emirate  of  Qatar.   Qatar  allowed  wealthy  citizens  to financially support ISIS, supported the Muslim Brotherhood, backed the head of Hamas, espouses Islamic  Sharia  law  and  does not afford citizens freedom of the press.  Eighty one percent of 38,000 respondents to an Al Jazeera survey said they support ISIS.   Many of Al Jazeera's  employees  have  actively supported al-Qaida, Hamas and other terrorist groups.  Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt demanded  that Qatar take numerous steps to cut their support for terrorism including the closure of Al Jazeera.  American companies that advertise with Aljazeera.com are giving United States consumer dollars to  an  Islamist-Sharia  minded regime.  FFA’s communications with advertisers informs  Corporate  America  about Qatar’s history and Islamist public policy and educates corporate officials about Sharia law.  FFA’s online campaigns to companies that are reluctant to stop advertising show  Corporate  America  that  there are many Americans who are very concerned about the Islamist political threat to American freedoms and way of life.     This project will continue in 2023.

Is  countering  the Council  on  American  Islamic   Relations’  (CAIR)  sponsored federal legislation that would empower Sharia law in America.  Democrat House Members unanimously voted  to  empower  the  Sharia  law  edict that prohibits criticism of Islam. On December 14, 2021, 219 democrats voted in favor of House Resolution 5665 which establishes the Office to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia and addresses related issues inside the U.S. Department of State.  This is the culmination of over  20  years  of  work  by the Global Islamic Movement to impose the Islamic Law of Slander on Americans.  In Islam, Slander is a capital crime and is legally defined as to say anything about Islam/Muslims  that  a  Muslim  would  "dislike."   The bill was authored by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.  The entire Islamic world under the banner of the OIC - the largest voting block in the UN made up of every Islamic nation on earth - approved The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in 1990 and served it to the UN 3 years later.  The Cairo Declaration legally defines "Human Rights" as the 'Imposition of  Sharia'  and  the  OIC's  2005  10-Year  Plan calls for the criminalization of "Islamophobia" which is defined  as " Slandering  Islam."     In  2021,  219   democrats  have  done the will of the Global Islamic Movement.  The legislation, Combating International Islamophobia Act S3384, is now in the United States Senate  Committee  on  Foreign  Relations.  Florida Family Association launched an online campaign to encourage people to send emails to urge US Senate leaders and members of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations to oppose the Combating International Islamophobia Act S3384.  This campaign will continue in 2023

Is countering the Council on American Islamic  Relations’ (CAIR)  lawsuit   which   seeks   to invalidate the “No Fly List” which protects tens of millions of travelers.  CAIR's  lawsuit  seeks to stop vital counter-terrorism measures that protect American travelers from terrorists and people who are closely tied to them.  CAIR issued  a  news  release in the fall of 2018 titled: “CAIR Files Broad Challenge to Watchlisting System, Including TSA's Quiet Skies Program.”  CAIR’s press release on the filing of this lawsuit  states:   “Quiet Skies punishes those who—through family, community or the workplace— have  relationships  with  individuals  the  federal  government  has  designated  as  a  ‘known or suspected terrorist.’”  Florida Family Association launched an online campaign that allows people to send emails to urge the judge to make public safety the priority in this case.  This campaign will continue in 2023.

Is countering Biden’s nomination of anti-public safety Muslim activist Nusrat Choudhury to be a federal judge.  The US Senate Executive Calendar dated June 13, 2022 reports the full United States Senate will vote on item number 970 which is the nomination of Nusrat Jahan Choudhury as a US District Court Judge.  The official congressional record has yet to report a final vote  on  her  nomination.   Middle  East Eye published an article titled “US Muslims react to Biden's nomination of first Muslim woman to be federal judge.”  The article reports in part: “Muslims across the United  States  are celebrating President Joe Biden’s judicial nomination of Nusrat Choudhury, who, if confirmed  by  the  Senate,  will be the first Muslim woman to be appointed as a US federal judge.   Choudhury, a Bangladeshi American among the eight nominees announced by the White House on 19 January, is the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Illinois, a position she has held  since  2020.   Before  that, she served as the deputy director of the national ACLU’s racial justice program, following a stint as a senior staff attorney for the organization’s national security project, and was a Marvin M Karpatkin Fellow.”  The Middle  East  Eye  report  states  in  part:   She also challenged the No-Fly List of the US government, a database that agencies use to decide who is allowed to board flights.    Florida  Family  Association  launched  an online campaign for people to send emails to encourage the United States Senate Judiciary Committee  to reject Nusrat Choudhury’s nomination because her strong bias makes her unfit to rule on important federal cases that could diminish public safety policies that protect millions of Americans.  This campaign will continue in 2023

Florida Family Association airplane banner campaign that warned parents about LGBTQ revelry at Gay Day in the Magic Kingdom in 2011 thru 2014 continues to significantly reduce the impact of LGBTQ revelry on children.  The first Saturday in June is typically the first Saturday during the summer break from school when parents take tens of thousands (10,000s) of children to the Magic Kingdom theme park.   Starting  in  1991 Disney World in Orlando Florida allowed thousands of homosexuals, lesbians and trans-genders to hold a coming out party with offensive revelry in the Magic Kingdom on the first Saturday of June.  That all changed when Florida Family Association started flying airplane banners to warn parents about Gay Day at Disney.

The Florida Family Association team attended Gay Days at Disney World and took hundreds of photos.  Florida Family Association issued a press release in June 1991 that contained photographs of dozens of drag queens that paraded up and down the streets of Disney World.  Florida Family Association estimated and reported that nearly 1,800 cross dressers were flamboyantly exhibiting their weirdness at Gay Day 1991.  This would never happen today, but 21 years ago all major news networks, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox reported on Florida Family Association’s findings.  Disney officials took this to heart and banned cross  dressers  from  Gay  Day  at  Disney World 1992.  Florida Family Association watched as Disney officials vigorously blocked cross dressers from entering the park and escorted people out of the park who wore normal cloths to get through the gate but changed into drag once inside.

For the next several years the Florida Family Association team attended Gay Day at Disney, took photos, issued reports, and launched email campaigns that called on Disney to stop allowing Gay Day Patrons to wear explicit sexual tee-shirts, openly demonstrate same-sex affection, and demonstrate their own queer entertainment in front of a captured audience of tens of thousands of children.  Photos titled Photos from Gay  Days  at  Disney  prior  to  2015  posted  at  floridafamily.org  show  behavior  that Florida Family Association was urging Disney to stop from happening in front of tens of thousands of children.

However, Disney did not stop the offensive Gay Day behavior.  The company claimed that Gay Day was a private event and that they had nothing to do with it.  However, Florida Family Association documented evidence which refuted Disney’s claim which is reported at floridafamily.org

Florida Family Association strongly believed that it was important to warn families that were planning to spend the day at Disney World when Gay Day patrons were there in all of their revelry.  Florida Family Association hired a company to fly several planes that warned people about Gay Day from 2011 through 2014 with banners that stated “Warning: Gay Day at Disney 6/1.”  At one point three planes flew for four days  prior  to  the event and the morning of to warn families with children.  Florida Family Association donors provided close to $50,000 for this project.

The airplane banners influenced a huge drop in attendance and caused a large negative cloud over the event.  A prominent and influential gay business leader in Central Florida criticized the LBGTQ revelry that  takes  place  in  the  Magic Kingdom on Gay Days.  He expressed disapproval of Gay Day patrons’ inappropriate  behavior  and  attire  in front of children and that Florida Family Association's airplane warning  was  rightfully  pointing  this  out  to  families.    Subsequently,  leaders  of Gay Day at Disney apparently reigned in the revelry at the Magic Kingdom.

GOOD NEWS!!  The Florida Family Association team witnessed that LGBTQ revelry was significantly absent from Gay Days of 2014 and later with a huge drop in the wearing of red Gay Day T-shirts and an absence of personalized T-shirts with offensive words or photos and the absence of overt demonstration of same-sex affection in the Magic Kingdom where tens  of  thousands  of  children  were  in attendance.  With all of the angst against Governor Ron DeSantis  after  he  signed  the  Parental  Rights  in  Education  bill into law, Florida Family Association expected to see a major  LGBTQ  demonstration  at  Gay  Day  at Disney  on June 4, 2022.  However, the Florida Family Association team found that Gay Day at Disney 2022 was still 95% tamer than it was in the years prior to the airplane banner campaign from 2011 through 2014.  

It would have been optimal if Disney had stopped the Gay Day event altogether to preserve the sanctity of the Magic Kingdom aka “America’s playground for children.”  However, the huge 95 % reduction in LGBTQ  revelry  works significantly towards the goal of protecting the innocence of children. Florida Family Association discontinued the banner warnings in 2015 because of the 95% reduction in LGBTQ revelry.  A team goes to Gay Day at Disney each June to determine if the airplane banner warnings should resume in following years.  Florida Family Association's four year campaign continues to be a success.  A special thanks to all who gave so generously to support it.

Countered Disney employees’ woke attack on the innocence of children.  Around the time that Florida  Governor  Ron  DeSantis  signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law, Disney started making news to put its wokeness in high gear.  The new law in part prohibits teaching kindergarten and first  through  third  grade  children  about  transgender and homosexual subjects.  The vast majority of Floridians including Democrats support the bill’s goal of preventing the indoctrination of innocent children with concepts that are beyond their maturity.  The New York Post published an article titled “Disney exec wants half its characters to be LGBTQIA, minorities by end of year.”   Fox News published an article titled “Disney axes 'boys and girls' from all park greetings to promote inclusivity.”  The article reports in part “The phrase 'Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls' was axed from Magic Kingdom's fireworks show last year."  Christopher F. Rufo, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, reported on Tucker Carlson Tonight when asked the question about a meeting Rufo witnessed:   “This is an organized meeting in response to Governor DeSantis’ legislation where Disney had assembled LGBTQIA activists that they have set up within the company and they said that they are deliberately trying to take programming that goes from even ages 2 to 7 years old and inject queerness into that programming.”   Florida Family Association launched  an  online  campaign  for  people to express concern to Disney Directors and officials regarding its apparent intentions to impact very young children with transgender and homosexual wokeness.

Countered Disney CEO’s misguided priority to patronize employees’ LGBTQ agenda over parents’  desire  to  protect  the  innocence of their children.   The New York Post published an article on March 11, 2022 titled ‘I let you down’: Disney CEO apologizes over ‘Don’t Say Gay’ flap.  The article states in part: “Disney  CEO  Bob Chapek issued a rare mea culpa Friday,  following  two  weeks  of  criticism  over  the  company’s  response  to   Florida’s   controversial  ‘Don’t   Say  Gay’  bill.  In full damage-control mode, Chapek said via a memo to staff: “Speaking to you, reading your messages, and meeting with you have helped me better understand how painful our silence was,” he wrote. “It is clear that this is not just an issue about a bill in Florida, but instead yet another challenge to basic human rights.”  He continued: “You needed me to be a stronger ally in the fight for equal rights and I let you down. I am sorry.”  Florida Family Association launched an online campaign for people to send emails to challenge Disney CEO Bob Chapek to make the innocence of children the company’s top priority.

Countered Pizza Hut book club offer of drag performer book for kids.  News Week published an article  titled:  Pizza  Hut  Slammed for Suggesting Drag Performer Book in Kids' Reading Club.  The article reports in part:  “Social media users slammed Pizza Hut this week on Twitter over its book club's latest reading suggestion that includes a drag performer book for kids.  The restaurant's reading club Book It! Program, which targets grades PreK-6, has listed some books focusing on the LGBTQ  community  on  its  website  in light of celebrating Pride Month, including Big Wig and Be Amazing: A History of Pride.  Since 1984, Book It! has encouraged children across the country to read more as "schools across the nation and millions of children" participating in the six-month program each year, according to the program's Facebook page.”  Kindergarten and elementary school kids are way too young to struggle with the concept of being transgender.  Children are far too immature to choose a sexual preference for life especially when the overwhelming majority of kids who experiment choose to be straight.   Florida Family Association launched an online campaign that encouraged people to send emails to urge parent company Yum Brands' officials to show respect for the innocence of children by discontinuing Big Wig and other books that push LGBTQ on young kids.  Pizza Hut blocked criticism communicated to them via Twitter.

Countered leftist group’s attempt to have conservative congresswoman removed from the 2022 ballot.  The leftist group called Free Speech for People sued the Georgia Secretary of State to have United States Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene removed from the 2022 voter ballot.  The law suit alleged that Greene violated a constitutional clause, that was added after the U.S. Civil War of the 1860s, to prohibit politicians from running for Congress if they have engaged in "insurrection or  rebellion"  or "given aid or comfort" to the nation's enemies.   Free Speech for People (LOL) filed a similar suit against Republican U.S. Representative Madison Cawthorn.  However, the challenge failed when a federal judge in North Carolina dismissed that suit on March 4.    The Georgia Secretary of State, Brad  Raffensperger, should not be the first state to invalidate a candidate based upon these outrageous leftist accusations.   The  United  States  Department  of  Justice  (DOJ)  had  not  charged   anyone with insurrection so how can anyone  legally  be  challenged  with  abetting  it.    Political  speech  must be protected by the First Amendment especially for all candidates whose words will always find disagreement.  Striking Greene  from the ballot would have set a very dangerous precedent that would motivate more frivolous challenges and further erode voter confidence in the electoral  process.   Florida Family Association sent out an email alert that encouraged people to send emails to urge Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger not to invalidate  the  candidacy  of   Marjorie Taylor Greene.   The Secretary declined to invalidate Greene’s candidacy.

Urged  all  members  of  the  United  States Senate to do something real for Americans like securing the southern border.    Biden’s  outrageously  irresponsible  policies  regarding the southern border  of  the United States is threatening the public safety, health, welfare and way of life of every American.  New US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) data reports that 98 migrants on the terror watchlist were arrested while attempting to enter the United States illegally under Biden.   Over 2.5 million illegal aliens have crossed over the southern border since Biden took office.   Worse yet, an estimated 700,000 migrants crossed the southern border who did not encounter any official who could have determined if they were  on  the  terror  watchlist  or  had  a criminal record or who were smuggling drugs.  Florida Family Association sent out an email alert that encouraged people to send emails to urge most of the 100 United States  Senators  to  do  more  than  talk  about  how  bad  the border is by offering responsible legislation to protect the public safety, health, welfare and way of life of every American.

Challenged the NCAA to prohibit men from competing as women against women.  NCAA is failing women, failing science, failing history and failing the truth by letting men compete athletically against women as Lia Thomas threatened to capture national female swimming records.  Lia Thomas, a University  of  Pennsylvania  man  trying to be a woman, competed at the NCAA national swimming championship March 16 to 19 in the 100-, 200-, and 500-yard freestyle events.  Thomas had come under even more scrutiny as his maleness made it possible for him to break NCAA national female swimming records.  Lia Thomas came out publicly to respond to criticism on March 4, 2022 by saying “I am not a man.   I  am  a woman.”   National  Collegiate  Athletic Association (NCAA) policy allowed males who underwent  testosterone  suppression  to  compete  athletically  as  females.  However, studies show that testosterone suppression does NOT make a level playing field for men to compete against women. Policy allowing males to compete athletically as females based on testosterone suppression does not change men into women nor make men physically equal to women.  Florida Family Association launched two online campaigns  to  call  on  the  NCAA  to  follow  real  science by requiring that biological males compete athletically  as  males  not  females and by reclassifying trans sports records out of the male and female athletic sports categories.  The NCAA changed its policy regarding transgender athletes but not enough to stop the unfairness to real women.

Countered  Biden’s  nomination  of  Judge  Ketanji  Brown  Jackson  to  the United States Supreme Court.   Judge  Ketanji  Brown  Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court was very likely to be approved  (and  was approved) by all 50 Democrat senators plus Vice President Harris.   However, the impact that Judge Jackson’s extreme  views  will  have  on  the  values  treasured  by  the majority of Americans for decades to come necessitated the need for citizens to still express concern to United States Senators.   Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson:  temporarily blocked the Trump administration from expanding expedited removal of illegal aliens  from  the  country;  serves on the board of Georgetown Day School, which promotes books by originators of Critical Race Theory; as a private attorney defended 911 terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay; refused to define the word “woman”;  average sentencing for child porn cases was 48% less than what prosecutors asked for in all cases allowing judicial discretion and failed to provide any answers as to her judicial philosophy.  Florida Family Association launched an online campaign that encouraged people to send emails to all 100 United States Senators to remind them of Jackson’s far left, progressive philosophy.

Prepared  and  launched  numerous  other  online  and  postcard  campaigns  that  are not reported in this annual summary.  Florida Family Association continues to provide an online forum where  tens  of  thousands of traditional value, patriotic Americans voice their concerns to Corporate America, Elected Officials and Judges regarding issues that affect them.  Supporters send millions of emails each year to various officials in response to Florida Family Association email alert campaigns.  Hundreds of thousands of emails are sent out each month by supporters that educate corporate and elected officials on important issues and influence their policies and positions.  Your support is the reason why we keep winning some of these important battles. Thank you for standing with us.

Please consider making an end of the year, tax deductible, confidential gift to start Florida Family Association's efforts off strong in 2022.

To make your donation by credit card, debit card, or checking account click here or mail your gift to Florida Family Association (FFA), PO Box 46547, Tampa, FL 33646-0105.  To send a donation from your bank using Zelle use Florida Family Association as the receiving name and ffa@floridafamily.org as the receiving email address.  Zelle does not charge a fee.

Summary of some prior years long term efforts.

  Influenced OVER 3,200 COMPANIES to STOP advertising on irresponsible radio and television programs resulting in several shows being removed from the air including the ones listed below.  Florida Family Association's monitoring software sends an average of 6,000 emails to the ceos and marketing vps of advertising companies each month.  Supporters sent tens of thousands of emails to advertisers each month.

• Action - Fox
• All-American Muslim - TLC Click here for info.
• Centerfold Babylon - VH1
• Biography Traci Lords - A&E
• Blue Mountain State - SpikeTV Click here for into.
• Ellen (sitcom) - ABC
• Erin Sommer's "Passion Phones" radio
• Girls Gone Wild Uncovered - VH1
• Glenn Martin DDS - Nickolodeon, Comedy Central, MTV2  Click here for info.
• Howard Stern - WB, UPN, CBS television affiliates and FM Florida radio affiliates.
• Hugh Hefner American Playboy - A&E
• Inside the Playboy Mansion - A&E, History
• Jenna Jameson Confessions - VH1
• Noah's Arc (about 4 gay men) LOGO
• Playboy Club - NBC Click here for info.
• Playboy's Celebrity Centerfolds - A&E
• Playboy's Girls Next Door - E! Click here for info.
• Porn N' Chicken - Comedy Central.
• Porn to Rock - VH1
• Porn to Rock and Rap - VH1
• Porn to Rock II - VH1
• Rated "A" for Adult - G4TV Click here for info.
• Ron & Ron radio show
• RuPaul's Drag Race Show - VH1 & Centric Click here for info.
• Sexiest Beaches
• Shot at Love with Tila Tequila - MTV
• Skins - MTV  Click here for info.
• Sordid Lives - LOGO
• The Man Show - Comedy Central, G4TV
• Tila Tequila's Spring Break Fantasy - MTV
• TransAmerican Love Story - LOGO
• Transform Me VH1 - Click here for info.
• Undressed - MTV
• When Playboy Ruled the World - VH1
• Wild On (over 30 programs) E!

Influenced 12 major oil companies to adopt Marketing Agreement terms that prohibit the sale of pornography by independent retailers who sell their brand of gasoline at approximately 100,000 locations.  To read each oil company's letter to Florida Family Association stating their Marketing Agreement terms that prohibit the sale of pornography click on the following links:   Amoco   BP    Chevron    Citgo   Conoco   ExxonMobil   Hess   Marathon   Murphy  Phillips   Sunoco    Texaco

Influenced over 35,000 stores to STOP selling pornographic magazines including but not limited to the following stores (click on linked store names for documentation):

7 Eleven
Amoco Split Second
Country Cupboard
Cumberland Farms
EZ Serve
• Farm Stores
Handy Foods
Kash n' Karry
• Lil Champ
Majik Mart
• Super Stop Stores
• Sprint
Starvin Marvin
Swifty Serve
• Texaco Food Mart
• The Pantry



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