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Biden EV mandate threatens national security, family budgets, economy and American way of life. Biden Green Policy benefits Red Communist Party.

See email prepared below to send to US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Biden’s 67% Electric Vehicle (EV) mandate by 2032 will dangerously place American energy dependence squarely on China, plunder family budgets, savage the economy and change the American way of life.

BloombergNEF reports that “China controls 80% of the world’s battery raw material refining, 77% of the world’s cell capacity and 60% of the world’s battery component manufacturing.”  Converting 67% of all vehicles to electric by 2032 will take trillions of dollars from hard working Americans to enrich the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  It also means the United States and its citizens will rely upon China for daily transportation needs.

The average cost of a gas powered car is $26,101 vs $64,338 for an electric vehicle.  46% of American households make less than $65,000 per year.  Biden’s idiotic mandate threatens family budgets and the American economy.

Fox News published an article titled: Biden torched for cracking down on gas cars, pushing electric vehicles: 'Biden’s newest power grab.’ The article reports in part: 

According to the White House, if the regulations are finalized, a staggering 67% of new sedan, crossover, SUV and light truck purchases could be electric by 2032, the White House projected. In addition, up to 50% of bus and garbage trucks, 35% of short-haul freight tractor and 25% of long-haul freight tractor purchases could be electric in less than a decade.



"Today, the Biden administration made clear it wants to decide for Americans what kinds of cars and trucks we are allowed to buy, lease, and drive," said Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., the top GOP member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

"These misguided emissions standards were made without considering the supply chain challenges American automakers are still facing, the lack of sufficiently operational electric vehicle charging infrastructure, or the fact that it takes nearly a decade to permit a mine to extract the minerals needed to make electric vehicles, forcing businesses to look to China for these raw materials," she continued.

"They also did not consider that the average price of an electric vehicle was roughly $65,000 last year, more than the household income of 46% of American families," Capito added.

Adopting such an extreme policy that has very far reaching consequences involving national security and the economy should not be left up to a government agency.  Only Congress should have the primary authority to approve such extensive mandates not the EPA.  

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s Chief of Staff to urge the House Speaker to take a vote to sue the Biden administration to stop this outrageous EPA mandate.

Click here to send your email to US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Unlike most of Florida Family Association action emails this email will open in your own email client.  This form of email is being used because the House of Representatives has had a long standing policy to block emails sent through the florida-family.org action email server.  If the emails doe not open properly in your email client please consider using the information below to copy, paste and send this action email in your own email software.

Email address:


Subject line:

Please call for House vote to sue to stop Biden EV mandate.

Email Content:

Dear Speaker McCarthy,

The Biden 67% EV mandate will dangerously place American energy dependence squarely on China, plunder family budgets and savage the economy.  Only Congress should have the primary authority to approve such extensive mandates not the EPA.  I urge you to call for a vote in the House of Representatives to approve a lawsuit to stop this extensive policy which should only be authorized after deliberation in congress if appropriate.

Contact information

Kevin McCarthy
Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
Dan Meyer, Chief of Staff

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