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Home Depot will not advertise again on All-American Muslim. Degrassi loses several more advertisers thanks to supporters' emails.

Florida Family Association email campaigns and office communications appear to have influenced Fifty Five (55) companies to stop advertising during DeGrassi.
  Home Depot sent the following email to Florida Family Association supporters stating that they would NOT advertise again during TLC's propagandizing All-American Muslim show.  If you have not sent your email to All-American Muslim advertisers click here.

From: "Information@homedepot.com"
To: FFA supporters
Sent: Wed, November 16, 2011 1:34:21 PM
Subject: RE: Please don't support TLC's propaganda.

We checked into this and although one of our commercials did appear during one of these episodes, we are not a sponsor of this show and we do not have any advertising scheduled to run on future episodes. Thank you very much for contacting us.

Degrassi loses several more advertisers. Florida Family Association sent out email alerts in October and November 2011 that individually targeted Chevrolet, Target and Hasbro as leading advertisers during the Teen Nick show called Degrassi.  Degrassi affirms and promotes the homosexual and transgender lifestyles and other inappropriate behavior to  an  audience  of millions of young teens and children. Supporters sent thousands of emails to Chevrolet (GM), Target and Hasbro.

  Chevrolet advertisements did NOT appear on Degrassi during the most recent five day monitoring period.
  Target advertisements did NOT appear on Degrassi during the TWO most recent five day monitoring periods.
  Only one Hasbro advertisement appeared on Degrassi during the most recent five day monitoring period. Hasbro ads were appearing on most episodes with half a dozen episodes airing every day.  If you have not sent your email to Hasbro please click here.

Fifty five (55) companies stop advertising during Degrassi. Supporter’s emails in response to Florida Family Association email campaigns and emails from the Florida Family Association office appear to have influenced the following Fifty Five (55) companies to stop advertising during DeGrassi since the monitoring first started in July 2010:  3C Incorporated (Careonetoday.com); Adidas; American Legacy Foundation; Boys  &  Girls Club of Central Florida; Bridgestone Firestone North America Tire; Burlington Coat Factory; Burt's Bees Acne; Cadbury Adams (Sour Patch Kids, Stride); Church and Dwight (Clean Shower, Nair, Orange Glo); Coca Cola (Coke, Fanta, Sprite); Colgate Palmolive; Conagra (Chef Boyardee); Corinthian Colleges; Dell; Eastman Kodak; Gamefly; General Mills (Fiber One, Multi Grain Cherios, Yoplait), General Motors (Chevy); Hewlett Packard; Horizon Group USA (Mon Bijou); Idea Village (Depilsilk); InCharge Debt Solutions; Inverness Medical Innovations  (Clearblue pregnancy test); Jarden Corp (Mr. Coffee); JC   Penney; K12; Kellogg (Frosted Flakes, Pops Cereal); Kingsisle Entertainment (Wizard101); Kraft Foods; McAfee Security; MeadWestvaco Corp. (fivestargiveaway.com, fivestarmusicinsider.com); Mylan (Myallergysurvey.com); Nationwide; Nestle; Novartis (Excedrin); Packit; Payless Shoes; Pepsico (Pepsi); Perfetti Van Melle USA (Airheads); Pure Digital (Flip Video); Research In Motion (Blackberry); Sarah Dessen; SAS Group (Dream Lash); Sears; State Farm; Stiefel Laboratory (Max Clarity); Sun Products (Snuggie); Sunny Delight (Sunny D); Sylvan Learning Center; T-Mobile USA; Target, THQ (uDraw); Travelocity; Valve Corporation (Portal 2); William M Wrigley (Cobalt) and Zeno. 

Florida Family Association places a priority on monitoring shows such as Degrassi which target children with homosexual propaganda and explicitly immoral content. 

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