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Joy Reid speaks on behalf of CAIR to defend Hamas during the same show that she disparages Christianity. Liberty Mutual is a top advertiser on The ReidOut and the ONLY auto insurance company to advertise on this show.

See email prepared below to send to Liberty Mutual officials.

Anti-Semite Joy Reid, host of the MSNBC show The ReidOut, spoke on behalf of the terror-linked Hamas supporting Council on America Islamic Relations in defense of Hamas propaganda on October 27, 2023.  President Biden simply said in part in a recent address “I have no confidence in the number (of causalities) that the Palestinians are reporting.”  Reid, speaking on behalf of CAIR, heavily criticized Biden in her segment titled “President Biden casts doubt on Palestinian death toll.”  No serious person would accept the words of Hamas as true.  

While Joy Reid defended the likes of Hamas she continued to make degrading comments about Christianity.  Reid took yet another shot at the faith of tens of millions of Americans on her October 27, 2023 show in the segment titled “New House Speaker’s Extreme Views Emerge.”  She said “The danger of having a house speaker who has made it loud and clear that his evangelical faith underpins his entire world political view…”

So Joy Reid disparages Christianity as “extreme” but defends barbaric Hamas.

Liberty Mutual Insurance is a major advertiser on The ReidOut.  At the writing of this article Liberty Mutual was the ONLY auto insurance company to support with advertising dollars Reid’s anti-white, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic hate propaganda.  USAA has not advertised on The ReidOut during the past two years.  Progressive Insurance advertised only one time in September 2022 but did not advertise again after receiving an email of concern from the Florida Family Association office.  Farmer’s Insurance stopped advertising on The ReidOut in December 2022 after receiving email communications from the Florida Family Association office.  After Allstate’s last recorded advertisement on September 8, 2023 Liberty Mutual remains as the only auto insurance company to advertise on The ReidOut.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to encourage Liberty Mutual officials to stop supporting HuffPost propaganda with its customers’ money.

Click here to send your email to Liberty Mutual.   (For Gmail.com, Hotmail.com, Msn.com, live.com and other email clients that require comma separation of addresses.)  

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Unlike most of Florida Family Association's action emails this email is designed to open in your email client because Liberty Mutual is blocking normal form emails sent through the Florida Family Association email server.  If the above link does not open in your email browser or if the email is returned to you please prepare an email by copying the suggested subject line, content and email addresses provided below in your own email client.  Please feel free to change the wording.

Suggested subject line:

I am shocked that Liberty Mutual continues to support this bigoted show.

Suggested content:

Joy Reid continues to promote hate against Jews, Christians and white people.  On October 27 Reid defended Hamas on behalf of terror linked and Hamas supporting Council on American Islamic Relations while also denigrating the Christian faith of the new House Speaker. Her mainstay for years has been to promote strife against the groups she hates.  I will remember that Liberty Mutual is the only auto insurance company that supports this vitriolic show when evaluating my auto insurance.

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Contact information:


Timothy Sweeney, Chief Executive Officer

Christopher L. Peirce
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Jenna Lebel, Chief Marketing Officer

Directors (with locatable and active email addresses)

David H. Long, Chairman, Liberty Mutual



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