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Sheraton Mesa Hotel in Arizona cancels CAIR banquet with Rashida Tlaib as special guest speaker.

The Sheraton Mesa Hotel in Mesa, Arizona was planning to host the Council on American Islamic Relations Arizona annual fundraising banquet on November 18, 2023.  Rabid anti-Semite and Hamas loving US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was to be CAIR’s special guest speaker.

Florida Family Association launched an email alert that urged people to send emails to express concern to Sheraton Mesa and Marriott officials regarding the CAIR Arizona banquet with speaker Rashida Tlaib.

The CAIR-AZ.org web site was checked every day to see if the event had been cancelled.  

The Arizona Republic reported last week that CAIR officials met with Sheraton Mesa Hotel officials and discussed cancelling the event after the banquet was targeted by a petition drive.  However, CAIR-AZ.org continued to sell tickets online through Sunday, October 5, 2023.  Additionally, last week the hotel manager sent Florida Family Association a one worded email to “stop” our campaign.  We responded with “CAIR-AZ is still selling tickets.  Please confirm the banquet is cancelled.”  The hotel manager declined to confirm the cancellation.

Florida Family Association continued to keep its call to action active alive until CAIR-AZ.org stopped selling tickets.   

CAIR-AZ.org reports that its banquet has been cancelled with the following bulletin which is posted here.  

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