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USA Boxing allows trans men to box against real women.

See email prepared below to send to USA Boxing officials.

The New York Post published an article titled Former female boxer says new USA Boxing trans policy is ‘letting a man fight a woman.’  The article reports in part: 

A former female boxer sounded the alarm about USA Boxing’s decision to allow trans women to compete against women.

USA Boxing is the latest sports organization to make allowances for transgender competitors to compete in the gendered divisions they identify with. After the regulations were first drafted in August 2022, the policy went officially into effect on January 1, 2024.

“I can’t believe that USA boxing would allow transgender [individuals] to compete. I mean, basically, you’re letting a man fight a woman,” Christy Martin, one of the most prominent former female boxers to compete, told Fox News Digital.

Martin was the first woman to get inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame in 2016 and has been inducted into six other Halls of Fame, including the International Boxing Hall Of Fame. By the time she retired in 2012, Martin had completed her career with 49 wins and 7 losses, with 31 of those wins by knockout.

“Your body, your bone structure, the density, it’s just different. And I think someone’s going to get seriously injured,” Martin said.
She also cautioned how there could be a possibility of lethal effects as a result of the new allowances.

The new USA Boxing policy states that both transgender men and women are allowed to compete in the biological divisions. The requirements to compete in each category include:

•    A declaration by the athlete that their gender is either male or female, and they have completed gender reassignment surgery accordingly.

•     The athlete in question has completed quarterly hormone testing for a minimum of four years post-surgery.

•     For transgender women competitors, the athlete must demonstrate testosterone levels below 5 nmol/L for at least 48 months prior to the first competition.

•    For transgender men, testosterone levels must be maintained at a level above 10 nmol/L throughout the period of the competitor’s eligibility to compete in the male category.

Martin detailed how these new regulations could deter new female boxers from entering the field, citing how women’s boxing is having a “tough time” growing and this act by the organization could potentially stunt further growth.

Read the full New York Post article here

According to Fair Play for Women, “a woman's body is typically about 30 to 35 percent muscle by weight, while a man's body is about 40 to 50 percent muscle by weight and peak male bone mass is around 50% more than women’s.”   Strength gains are the result of muscle recruitment and muscle hypertrophy, and women have the same capacity for achieving strength gains as men. However, due to a lack of testosterone, women have less muscle density.  Data suggest that the greater strength of the men was due primarily to larger fibers. The greater gender difference in upper body strength can probably be attributed to the fact that women tend to have a lower proportion of their lean tissue distributed in the upper body.

If male muscle density is 50 percent compared to female muscle density of 35 percent then males have a 43 percent (15/35) muscle advantage.  Scientific facts clearly show that women do not and cannot have the same muscle and bone density as men.

USA Boxing policy allowing males to box against females based on declarations and testosterone suppression does not change men into women nor make men physically equal to women.  Males competing athletically against females is grossly unfair to women.

Fox News published an article titled Rubio demands USA Boxing reverse course on trans policy: 'Allowing men to hit women is reprehensible' 

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to express concern to USA Boxing officials regarding its decision to allow men to box women.  

Unlike most of Florida Family Association action emails this email will open in your own email client.  This form of email is being used because USA Boxing is blocking emails sent through the florida-family.org action email server.  If the emails doe not open properly in your email client please consider using the information below to copy, paste and send this action email in your own email software.

Click here to send your email to express concern to USA Boxing officials regarding its decision to allow men to box women. 

Email address:


Subject line:

USA Boxing shameful policy allowing men to box against women is grossly unfair to women.

Email content:

If male muscle density is 50 percent compared to female muscle density of 35 percent then males have a 43 percent (15/35) muscle advantage. Male bone mass is 50 percent more than women.  Also, upper body muscle fibers are larger for men than women.  Declarations and hormone treatments will not overcome the muscle and bone disparity.  Allowing men to box against women is grossly unfair to women.  No matter how hard a man tries he can never be a woman.  Advocating that a man can be a woman defies science.  Please stop this harmful policy.

Contact information:

Mike McAtee
Executive Director, CEO

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