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Disney targets little girls with first time LGBT content and Lego’s sponsorship.

Disney targets little girls with first time LGBT content and Lego’s sponsorship. 

The email for this article has been deactivated.

The Disney Channel targeted very young girls with lesbian relationships in the “Down the Tree” episode of Good Luck Charlie which first aired Sunday, January 26, 2014 at 7:30 pm.  Lego was the ONLY corporate sponsor mentioned.

Charlie's real name is Charlotte.

Charlie (Charlotte) is four years old.

How many thousands of unsupervised young girls watched the first Disney show with LGBT content while their parents watched pre-Pro Bowl programming?

Charlie's mom, Amy Duncan (right), opens the door to her home to greet lesbian couple, Cheryl (left) and Susan (middle).

Susan tells Charlie’s mom “This is Taylor’s other mom, Cheryl.”


To which Charlie’s dad, Bob Duncan, slaps his head to signal that he figured out something important.

Bob proclaims ”Taylor has two moms!!”

Later on Cheryl asks Amy Duncan “Is this your first time with two moms?”

Nothing like promoting the words “TWO MOMS” over and over again for the little girls watching the show.

TVGuide.com reported:  "Good Luck Charlie premiered in April 2010 and ultimately aired more than 100 episodes. Highlights of the show's run included the June 2012 episode featuring the birth of baby Toby, which attracted 8.9 million viewers. The Disney Channel original movie Good Luck Charlie: It's Christmas averaged 8.3 million viewers when it premiered in December 2011, making it cable's most-watched live-action movie that year."

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to voice concerns to Lego officials regarding Disney Channel sponsorship that aired during this episode.

The email for this article has been deactivated.

Contact information:

Lego A/S
Aastvej 1
Billund, 7190
Phone: 45-79-50-60-70
Fax: 45-75-35-33-60



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