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Gay Day at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World on Saturday, June 6, 2015 will expose thousands of children to lifestyle. Please send your email to officials.

How would you feel if you entered the Magic Kingdom anticipating a normal day of fun with your family only to witness thousands of same-sex couples holding hands, hugging, kissing and wearing tee-shirts that promoted their lifestyle?

"We need to be seen in the heart of America's playground." A Gay Day at Disney patron told our photographer.

The article for this email was deactivated after observations made during Gay Day 2015 indicate that Gay Day patrons significantly decreased the revelry to which Florida Family Association was most concerned.

Every year since 1991 Disney World in Orlando Florida has allowed thousands of homosexuals, lesbians and trans-genders to hold a coming out party in the Magic Kingdomon the first Saturday of June.

The first Saturday in June is typically the first Saturday during the summer break from school when tens of thousands (10,000s) of children are in the theme park.

The next Gay Day at Disney World in Orlando Florida will be held in the Magic Kingdom on Saturday, June 6, 2015.

Many Gay Day patrons wore shirts that promoted homosexuality (top left photo), kissed, hugged and groped in very public places (bottom left photo) and dressed in drag (bottom right photo) all to the curiosity of tens of thousands of children (top right photo).

The event has been very offensive to the general public.  A Disney official informed a Florida Family Association team member one year that they gave out 3,000 free passes just in the first two hours of the event.

2011 Gay Day at Disney photos posted at bottom.

Disney’s official email response to critics of Gay Day erroneously pretends that they have nothing to do with Gay Day and have no control over who enters their park.  Disney’s email response is posted below.  The following facts clearly contradict Disney’s position.

  • Disney has prohibited drag queens from entering the Magic Kingdom following Gay Day 1991 when even the mainstream media reported in a negative light the estimated 1,800 cross dressers in the park with children.  Yet, Disney continues to allow thousands of people to wear shirts promoting homosexuality.
  • Dozens of gang members visiting Disneyland in California have been evicted after entering the park wearing gang colors according to Kenneth Green, Director of Corporate Communications.  He said the company was concerned the groups might intimidate or invoke fear in the hearts of regular patrons.  So, Disney can see where a dozen people wearing gang colors might be offensive to regular families but not thousands of same-sex revelers wearing shirts that flaunt and promote homosexual, lesbian and transgender behavior.  
  • Disney provided special group discount tickets with a pink Mickey logo for Gay Day Patrons.
  • Disney paid personnel to hand out special pamphlets to Gay Day patrons informing them of organized activities.
  • Disney paid personnel to greet Gay Day patrons at the front gate.
  • Disney recruited employees to be guides for special groups of Gay Day patrons.
  • Disney gave free Disney tee shirts to people who complained that they did not know that the red shirt they innocently wore meant they supported Gay Day.
  • The State of Florida does NOT prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Disney has clearly played a role in helping to sponsor this event for years and allows activities they could otherwise prevent.  Disney has the right to prohibit people from entering the park with tee shirts that promote LGBT behavior but deliberately chooses to allow this to occur in the midst of thousands of children. 

So why doesn’t Disney and Gay Day organizers want their own special Gay Day party in the Magic Kingdom after the park closes when regular guests won’t be offended and Gay Day patrons can party hardy?  The answer is they both want to impact a captured audience of tens of thousands of children.

Disney requires special events like Grad Night and Night of Joy to be held after the Magic Kingdom's regular operating hours. Disney does this to avoid having a large group of likeminded people in the park at the same time with regular patrons who expect a normal day at the Magic Kingdom.

Florida Family Association has asked Disney officials to require Gay Day to be held after hours, like Grad Night or Night of Joy, to avoid offending unsuspecting families who traveled thousands of miles expecting a normal day.

The article for this email was deactivated after observations made during Gay Day 2015 indicate that Gay Day patrons significantly decreased the revelry to which Florida Family Association was most concerned.

-----Original Message-----
From: WDW Guest Communications
Sent: Fri, May 4, 2012 9:06 am
Subject: Email from the Walt Disney World Resort

Dear Ms. Smith,

Thank you for writing to Mr. Staggs and to Mr. Iger regarding the Walt Disney World Resort. Your correspondence to them has been forwarded to me, so that I may personally respond to your comments.

We truly appreciate your enthusiasm for the Walt Disney World Resort. Unlike Grad Nights and the Night of Joy events which are sponsored by the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando Gay Days is privately organized, with events planned throughout Central Florida during the first week in June. As the Walt Disney World Resort is open to everyone, every day, we extend our welcome to all Guests. It has become a tradition for participants in the event you referenced to visit Central Florida?s theme parks and other attractions, including the Walt Disney World Resort during the first weekend in June. As always, we will strive to
make sure that all of our Guests enjoy the park to its fullest.

Should you have any questions or wish to further discuss your feedback, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. I am traditionally available at 407-560-2710 between 12:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. EST. You may also provide me with your telephone number and the best time to call as a reply to this message. I would be happy to contact you.

We hope to have future opportunities to entertain you and your family at our resort.


Jillian Gerner
Guest Experience Services
Walt Disney World Resort

2011 Gay Day at Disney photos

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