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The top advertiser is pulling off Al Jazeera America. Parent company IdeaVillage will stop promoting Copper Fit on the network.

The top advertiser is pulling off Al Jazeera America. 

Parent company IdeaVillage will stop promoting Copper Fit on the network. 

FFA supporter emails made the difference.


The most frequent advertiser on Al Jazeera America decided to stop advertising on the network after receiving tons of emails.

Florida Family Association sent out an email alert at 11:45 pm on July 16, 2014 that reported IdeaVillage was the top advertiser on Al Jazeera America with their litany of ads for Copper Fit.  Many people responded by sending emails to IdeaVillage officials.

IdeaVillage IT manager tried to stop the emails by blocking them even though they were coming from dozens of IP addresses of the email senders instead of through Floridafamily.org

IdeaVillage CEO sent the following email to Florida Family Association:

From: Andy Khubani
To: David Caton
Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2014 1:41:46 PM
Subject: RE: IdeaVillage Products Corp. advertised on Al Jazeera America.


We have requested that our ad agency cancel all Copper Fit advertising on Al Jazeera America.  Can you please make sure we don’t get anymore emails?

Anand Khubani | Chairman and CEO | ideavillage Products Corp. 

David Caton, Florida Family Association president, called Mr. Khubani to discuss the situation after receiving his email.  Mr. Khubani said that his company buys unsold advertising time which in this case included Al Jazeera America.  He said he has already instructed his media buyer to stop advertising on Al Jazeera America.

Emails from everyone who supported the request in Florida Family Association’s alert MADE THE DIFFERENCE.  THANK YOU.

Al Jazeera is a news company that is owned by a non-democratic, monarch styled emirate who does not afford citizens freedom of the press, espouses Islamic Sharia law, backs the head of Hamas and supports the Muslim Brotherhood.

Florida Family Association tapes ten hours of programing on Al Jazeera America every day.  The Florida Family Association office communicates with each advertiser no less than once per week.  Top advertisers are strategically featured one at a time in email alerts because there are so few of them.  One hundred fifty seven (157) companies have stopped advertising on Al Jazeera America.

Your support of these email campaigns is making a difference.

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