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MTV’s highly irresponsible show called Skins which targeted teens and children with highly irresponsible content is OFFICIALLY CANCELLED.

It is official. MTV has cancelled the television show called Skins which targeted teens and children with highly irresponsible content.
 MTV’s highly irresponsible show called Skins is officially cancelled. 

Click here to see the Good News reported by Inside TV.

Your emails made the difference.
Skins was filled with highly irresponsible teen behavior including:  teens having sex with teachers, teens having sex with same sex partners, teen orgies, teens having sex with other teens, teens binge drinking, teens smoking pot, teens consuming large quantities of drugs and teens committing acts of violence against other teens.

The Inside TV report blames cancellation of Skins on the loss of advertisers.

You emails made the difference. 

It appears that Florida Family Association’s continual efforts that targeted advertisers played a role in MTV's decision to cancel the show.  Florida Family Association reported a month ago that Skins had not aired since March 21, 2011.

Florida Family Association’s last monitoring efforts:

•    The show Skins lost many advertisers.  Some of the companies that did not advertise again during Skins after receiving emails from the Florida Family Association office include:  Apple Computers (iTunes), CapCom USA (Dead Rising 2),  Cape Coral Charter School, Education Dynamics, Fitness IQ (Shake Weight), Fitness Quest (Perfectsetup.com), Florida Department of Health (Floridatabaccofree.com), Green Bouillon Financial Services (Cash4Gold), Il Primo Pizza,  Liberator Medical, MetroPCS, Razor and Tie Entertainment (Musicspace.com), Tamiami Ford, Virtue Media, Winmark (Plato’s Closet) and Zeno.

•    New or repeat advertisers that were targeted with emails in the last Florida Family Association email alert include:  Electronic Arts (Crysis 2, Dead Space 2, Sims Midieval), Escape Zone, Fuccillo Automotive KIA, Keiser University, Microsoft (Dance Central, Kinect, Xbox 360), Naples Dodge Chrysler, Real Networks (Rhapsody), Red Bull, Savier (Bender Ball, Flirty Girl), Sonic Automotive (Honda of Fort Myers), Sunstate Academy, Sutherlin Nissan, Volkswagen of America and Zoom Tan.

Florida Family Association supporters’ response to email alerts regarding this show was OUTSTANDING.  FFA sent out the last email alert regarding Skins twice to emphasize the importance of the issue which substantially increased supporters’ email response to advertisers.  Florida Family Association also participated in a joint effort with the American Family Association and American Decency Association that targeted Sony for advertising during Skins.

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