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CAIR whines about Cargill and Ariens not bowing to their pressure for Salah prayer times, blames bigotry.

Cargill, Inc. and Ariens Company stopped allowing Muslim employees from taking excessive breaks to meet Salah times for Muslim prayer.  The Council on American Islamic Relations attempted to pressure Cargill, Inc. and Ariens Company officials to allow Muslim employees to take extra breaks for Salah prayer times even though it placed a hardship on the companies and was unfair to other employees.  Florida Family Association sent out email alerts to show support for Cargill, Inc. and Ariens Company officials.  Thousands of people sent emails to the officials at both companies.

The International Business Times reported on February 11, 2016:  As Workers Lose Jobs Over Prayer Break Disputes At Cargill And Ariens, US Muslim Advocates Are Unnerved.  The report states in part:

These episodes have left advocates for Muslim rights in the United States feeling anxious.

“We’ve been dealing with this for more than a decade, this exact situation, production-line, Somali workers [taking prayers], it’s the same all the time,” said Ibrahim Hooper, communications director at the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “And that’s why we’re wondering, ‘What’s different now?’ The only thing we can see that’s different is the rise of anti-Muslim bigotry in our society.”

Click here to read the full report at the International Business Times. 

CAIR would rather engage in name calling than recognize the growing work force of Muslims demanding special prayer time breaks slows production and is unfair to other employees.

The International Business Times report stated in part:  “employers must ‘reasonably accommodate’ an employee’s religious beliefs or practices unless doing so causes the company ‘undue hardship,’ for example, if accommodation is costly, puts workplace safety at risk or infringes on the rights of other employees.

It is encouraging to see these companies refusing to bow to CAIR’s demands to allow Sharia doctrine to prevail over judicious corporate policy.”  Notes David Caton, Florida Family Association President.

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