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Media Matters cuts and pastes fake news report to drive advertisers away from the Sean Hannity Show. Realtor.com, Nature’s Bounty, 23 and me, Eloquii surrendered to leftist lies regarding Sean Hannity.

The email for this aricle was deactivate for time lapse.

Consider posting a Facebook message at to express disappointment that these companies surrendered to Media Matters cut and paste fake news report regarding Sean Hannity.


Media Matters cut and paste fake news has influenced Realtor.com, Nature’s Bounty, 23 and me and Eloquii to stop advertising
on the Sean Hannity Show.   Keurig apologized to Sean Hannity regarding its comments on Twitter and will advertise on his show.  Keurig has been removed from the action email.

Business Insider reports:  

The Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday night said he was "not totally clear" earlier in the day when he dismissed sexual-misconduct allegations against Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for senator in Alabama.

Several women told The Washington Post in a report published Thursday afternoon that Moore had initiated sexual relations with them or pursued them while they were teenagers and he was in his 30s.

In a series of tweets, Hannity said: "As I said on TV tonight, I apologize when I misspoke and was not totally clear earlier today. It's really sad when the lazy media in this country cuts and pastes a deceptive and out of context comment by a Soros funded radical left-wing group that has purposefully taken me out of context for years."

Hannity was referring to the group Media Matters, which had published a clip of his comments from his radio show earlier in the day.

He continued: "My comments on the topic of Judge Moore were clear and unambiguous both on radio and on TV, if people would do their own research and reporting. People need to listen to the totality of my remarks if they care about the truth. I interview guests of all points of view, but I speak for myself."

Speaking with his cohost Lynda McLaughlin on his radio program, "The Sean Hannity Show," Hannity suggested he doubted the veracity of the allegations against the Senate candidate and former judge.

Sean Hannity said at the very beginning of the November 9, 2017 radio show that he had no idea whether the allegations regarding Roy Moore were true or not.  Hannity mentioned his teenage daughter and how such behavior is repulsive to him.  Media Matters took one of his comments out of context to drive a false narrative against his advertisers.

Millions of Americans know that the Washington Post has a history of publishing fake news.  So the credibility of the report regarding Roy Moore is certainly questionable especially since the Washington Post took two weeks to influence the woman to make a statement and waited until after the primary election to post the story.  Therefore, Sean Hannity had reasonable grounds to question the credibility of the report on his show.

It is clear that leftist organizations are targeting Sean Hannity because of his conservative values and the stakes at hand regarding the US Senate race in Alabama.  It is truly shameful and hypocritical that leftist organizations are attacking a show that has brought millions of Americans fact based news that no other cable news host has produced simply because it supports conservative causes.

If Keurig, Realtor.com, Nature’s Bounty, 23 and me and Eloquii decide to stop advertising on Sean Hannity because of his conservative positions and fact based reports then these companies should also stop advertising with the proliferators of fake news such as CNN, MSNBC, New York Times and Washington Post.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to urge Keurig, Realtor.com, Nature’s Bounty and 23 and me to continue to advertise on the Sean Hannity Show.  Eloquii is blocking emails from the florida-family.org action email server so please consider sending them an email using your email account.  Eloquii email addresses are posted below and the suggested email content is found on the action email link used for the other advertisers.

The email for this aricle was deactivate for time lapse.

Contact information:

Nature's Bounty (Nbty.com starting blocking emails at 10:45 am, November14, 2017.
Paul L. Sturman, President, CEO
Steve Conboy, CFO
The Carlyle Group, Nature's Bounty's Parent Company
William Conway, Co CEO
David Rubenstein, Co CEO
Glenn Youngkin, COO

Move, Inc., Realtor.com's parent company
Ryan O'Hara, CEO
Bryan Charap, CFO
Nate Johnson, CMO

23 and me
Anne Wojcicki, Co founder
Tracy Keim, CMO

Eloquii (is blocking emails from florida-family.org server. Please send emails through your own email account.)
Mariah Chase, CEO
Kelly Goldston, VP Marketing

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