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Broward Sheriff’s Obama led policy to “keep kids out of jail” meant no real action was taken against Nikolas Cruz. Dishonest sheriff's four reluctant deputies may have been following his orders. Sheriff allowed CAIR deputy to provide gun training.

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Post message to encourage Governor Rick Scott to suspend Broward Sheriff Scott Israel for dereliction of duty to protect school children.

Sheriff Scott Israel's policy to keep kids out of prison, dishonesty about facts in the case, four Broward deputies all who stood down and Broward Sheriff gun training of Muslims in Mosques but not schools all spell out DERELICTION OF DUTY.

Watch Sheriff and his CAIR Deputy on Youtube say his goal is "keep more kids out of jail than in jail"

In the above Youtube.com video, CAIR Regional Director and Broward County Deputy Sheriff Nezar Hamze told a crowd in a mosque “he (Sheriff Scott Israel) said regarding our youth our children because we all focus on our children he said he’s going to measure his success by how many kids he keeps out of jail not how many kids he puts in jail.”  Then Sheriff Israel told the crowd at mosque “To be here at Ramadan is an honor to me and absolute honor to me.  I have said over and over again we have to measure the success of the Broward sheriff’s office by the kids we keep out of jail not the kids we put in jail.”

Sheriff Israel’s policy to keep kids out of prison mimics President Obama’s policy guidelines that essentially called for a halt to arresting students in a quest to reduce the number of black and Hispanic minorities from going to prison.  Sheriff's Israel's policy to keep minority kids out of prison obviously came into play when none of the 45 complaints against Nikolas Cruz resulted in criminal charges that may have prevented him from buying a gun.

The media has caught Sheriff Israel making several dishonest statements regarding the facts in the case.

Fox News reports in part that Sheriff Israel “appeared to contradict his own department regarding the reports of Broward deputies not entering the school. In the CNN interview, Israel slammed a letter from Rep. Bill Hager to Gov. Scott, which called for his removal on the basis of inaction after at least 23 -- and perhaps almost 50 -- police visits to the shooter’s home and the reports of his officers standing idle. Israel said the demand was a “shameful, politically motivated letter that had no facts.” He also said in a letter to Scott on Saturday that Hager’s claim that “three Broward Sheriff Deputies were on campus at the time of the attack and chose to take cover themselves rather than stepping up to protect students” is “patently false.”   

CNN reports in part Sheriff says he got 23 calls about shooter's family, but records show more.  As critics have taken aim at law enforcement for missing warning signs about South Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz, public records have emerged that conflict with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel's statements about the number of times deputies were dispatched to the shooter's home.

Records obtained from the sheriff's office by CNN show the law enforcement agency received at least 45 calls for service relating to Cruz or his brother from 2008 to 2017, before the attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland on Feb. 14. The sheriff's office has insisted it received no more than 23 calls for service regarding Cruz or his family.

Four Broward County deputies stood down outside of the school while the shooting continued which stunned Coral Springs Police.

CNN reports in part: When Coral Springs police officers arrived at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14 in the midst of the school shooting crisis, many officers were surprised to find not only that Broward County Sheriff's Deputy Scot Peterson, the armed school resource officer, had not entered the building, but that three other Broward County Sheriff's deputies were also outside the school and had not entered, Coral Springs sources tell CNN. The deputies had their pistols drawn and were behind their vehicles, the sources said, and not one of them had gone into the school.

Some Coral Springs police were stunned and upset that the four original Broward County Sheriff's deputies who were first on the scene did not appear to join them as they entered the school, Coral Springs sources tell CNN. It's unclear whether the shooter was still in the building when they arrived.

Sheriff Scott Israel allowed CAIR affiliated deputy to provide gun training in mosques but what about security training for schools.  

Broward Deputy and CAIR Florida Regional Director Nezar Hamze instructs Muslims on gun use to protect them from alleged infidels.

"For years, Deputy Hamze has been allowed to provide weapons training to Sharia-supremacists like him at Florida mosques.  Had Sheriff’s Office resources been applied instead to training law enforcement or school personnel, an actual threat to public safety might have been mitigated, rather than potentially creating new ones."
Frank Gaffney, Jr.
Center for Policy Security

Florida Governor Rick Scott called for the FBI Director to resign after it was revealed the agency had received two reports regarding Nikolas Cruz.  The FBI’s failures are minimal when compared to the Broward County Sheriff’s dereliction of duties.  Seventy- four members of the Florida House of Representative have called upon Florida Governor Rick Scott to suspend Sheriff Israel.  If Governor Rick Scott suspends the sheriff, the Florida Senate can vote pursuant to Florida law to either reinstate him or make the suspension permanent.  It appears from statements made by the Florida Speaker of the House of Representatives that there are sufficient votes in the senate to terminate Sheriff Scott Israel.  

Florida Governor Rick Scott responded to the House of Representatives letter by ordering the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to support the Florida House of Representatives call for Governor Rick Scott to suspend Broward Sheriff Scott Israel for dereliction of duty to protect school children.

To send your email, please click the following link, enter your name and email address then click the "Send Your Message" button. You may also edit the subject or message text if you wish.

The email for this article has been deactivated for time.

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