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Please show your support for commissioner being attacked by CAIR and SPLC for publicly stating the truth about Islam and Sharia.

The email for this article has been deactivated.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and Council on American Islamic Relations are spewing vitriolic hate at Okaloosa County (Florida) Commissioner Graham Fountain for having the “audacity” to write on his Facebook page “We can’t let the colonization of Islam and sharia law take over of America” and that he is “against the political take over of the world by their Sharia system of law.”  CAIR-Florida asked Commissioner Fountain for a retraction and disavowal of such statements that allegedly promote hate and Islamophobia.  

Commissioner Fountain was commenting on his Facebook page regarding the Counterjihadreport.com report that stated “More than 90 Muslims, nearly all Democrats, running for public office across the United States.”   

CAIR is actively supporting many of these 90 Muslim candidates. 

CAIR sent out an email on August 14, 2018 titled Do You Want More Muslims to Run for Office?  The email states in part that CAIR has a goal of recruiting 200 Muslims to run for office.  
People who think that Muslims living in America do not have an Islamist political agenda and do not believe that Sharia law is superior to the United States Constitution have their heads in the sand.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to encourage Okaloosa County (Florida) Commissioner Graham Fountain to stand his ground against SPLC’s and CAIR’s bullying.

The email for this article has been deactivated.

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