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20,000 Muslims to gather today at Viking stadium and CAIR goes on the offensive as the political battle ground heats up for the heartland of America.

The battle ground is heating up for Islamists who want to influence American public policy.  Here are some sobering facts that Americans need to take note of and respond to.

•    2.2 million people from Muslim countries immigrated into the United States from 2001 through March 2018.  There is no slowdown in sight.  Thousands of Muslims continue to enter America every month from Afghanistan, Iran, Yemeni, Somalia and other Muslim countries consumed with terrorists.
•    150,000 foreign students come to the United States from these Muslim countries every year.
•    Muslim leaders originally expected that 50,000 Muslims would turn out at US Bank Vikings stadium on August 21, 2018 to celebrate Eid ul-Adha.  But now the number has been reduced to 20,000.  Many analysts contend that this is show of numbers, political power and determination to influence elections.
•      More than 90 Muslim candidates, mostly Democrat, are running for office in 2018.
•    The Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is attacking elected officials and candidates across the country who even breathe a word of dislike about the 90 Muslims running for office.  CAIR has issued several press releases that attacked public officials for mentioning the 90 Muslim candidates on their Facebook and Twitter feeds.  
•    CAIR sent out a recent email which stated it intends to recruit 200 Muslim candidates for political office in the United States.  The email was titled "Do you want more Muslims to run for office?"  If yes, then CAIR asks for donations.
•    Congressman Keith Ellison swore his oath of office on the Quran.  Other Muslim candidates have sworn their oath on the Quran as well. Much of Sharia law comes from the Quran.  Most Muslims and analysts of Islam contend that Islam is Sharia and Sharia is Islam.  They are inseparable.
•    The Washington Post reports: The blue Muslim wave: American Muslims launch political campaigns, hope to deliver ‘sweet justice’ to Trump.

Muslims who are running for office and those who have won and sworn their oath on the Quran certainly have made Sharia law a priority in their public policy.  Many oppressive, discriminatory and violent tenets of Sharia law are antithetical to the rights afforded all Americans under the United States Constitution.  

When CAIR attacks public officials for expressing concern regarding 90 Muslim candidates it is executing the Sharia law tenet that prohibits criticism of Islam.  In almost all of the cases where CAIR attacks people for expressing concern about Islamist politics the targeted people are NON-Muslims.  CAIR’s attacks defending Islam against NON-Muslims is a strong indication that CAIR and its Islamist backers believe that infidels and NON-Muslims must obey Sharia’s prohibition of criticizing Islam.  It would be logical to conclude that at some point Islamists will contend that NON-Muslims obey all Sharia tenets.

Florida Family Association has launched numerous email campaigns to counter CAIR’s Sharia inspired attacks on public officials, employees of businesses and corporate officials who challenge Islam.  Florida Family Association will continue to monitor CAIR’s press announcements and respond with counter campaigns when appropriate, practical and necessary. 

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