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Some Internet Service Providers are not accepting email alerts from Floridafamily.org at this time.

Our  webmaster  moved all of Florida Family Association’s websites and online software to cloud based servers in January.   We have already seen the benefits of enhanced connection and email delivery speed.  Our  email  delivery speed is now three times faster than it was on the older style machine servers.   These changes also provide more reliable data backup which has already proved to be very dependable.   Additionally, the new system brings with it additional layers of security.  

This move required Florida Family Association’s main website, email software and action  email  website  to  be  assigned  new IP addresses.  We enjoyed consistent delivery  of  our  email  alerts  for over 10 years after developing trust from most Internet  Service  Provides  who  became accustomed to receiving emails from our former IP addresses. 

Unfortunately, Yahoo, AOL and Verizon have blocked most of the email alerts that Floridafamily.org has sent out since moving to the new servers.  We have worked diligently to submit the necessary requests to remove the block.  However, Yahoo, AOL and Verizon continue to block email alerts from floridafamily.org.

Most Internet Service Providers are accepting most of our email alerts.  We are working  hard to make sure that ALL major Internet Service Providers accept ALL of our email alerts.   Please know that from time to time you may not receive some of our alerts until all Internet Service Providers find confidence in receiving email alerts from our new IP address.   You can always go to floridafamily.org to check our online campaigns.  We hope to be back to normal delivery soon.

Thank you for supporting our online campaigns.

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