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CAIR blasts President Trump for rightly pointing out great disparity of social treatment that benefits Muslims.

CAIR issued a press release on April 19, 2020 which states in part: 

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today condemned President Trump’s promotion of a notorious anti-Muslim bigot’s tweet questioning whether U.S. mosques will be treated differently during the upcoming month of Ramadan than churches were treated during Easter amid the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

At the White House coronavirus briefing yesterday, Trump claimed without evidence that there “could be a difference” in how authorities enforce lockdown measures during Ramadan compared to how Christians were treated on Easter. He added: “And we’ll have to see what will happen. Because I’ve seen a great disparity in this country.”

Truly there is a “great disparity” in how many government and corporate organizations bend over backwards to appease Muslims’ demands to exercise its oppressive Sharia law.  Ironically, CAIR, the organization that is at the heart of threatening American corporate and public officials with demands to allow or follow Islamic dictates, is criticizing and attacking the President for affirming its success at garnering the special treatment that Trump rightly qualifies as “a great disparity.”  CAIR’s and Muslims’ inability to comprehend this “great disparity” that President Trump described and that millions of Americans see happening clearly indicates that they strongly believe that Sharia is the absolute authority and no one should question Muslims who demand it.

Why is CAIR gaining “great disparity” in its quest to Islamize America?  Because:

•    Leftist and progressive disdain (hate) for Christians and Jews propels their support for Islamists.

•    Democrats are winning over the super majority of Muslim votes by appeasing Islamist demands.

•    People on the right are intimidated out of fear of losing employment and education opportunities if they criticize Sharia law or Islam.

This BareNakedIslam article clearly challenges CAIR’s contention that Muslims are following social gathering restrictions.  BareNakedIslam posted an article titled:  SYRACUSE, NY: Ignoring COVID-19 lockdown, “sharia-compliant” police allow mosque to hold daily prayers with groups of Muslims.  So, how many more mosques around the U.S. are allowed to ignore social distancing rules while Christians are threatened and fined for attending drive-in church services?

Unfortunately, there are dozens of leftist mayors who are more likely to act with “disparity” toward Muslims who gather for Ramadan which would also be ignored by dozens of leftist media outlets.  It is yet to be seen how many Muslims will follow social gathering restrictions during Ramadan which is April 23, 2020 through May 23, 2020.  Hopefully, President Trump’s comments will motivate Muslims to follow social gathering restrictions.  

President Trump rightly pointed out the historical “great disparity” of treatment that benefits Muslims.  Please consider sending an email to show him support in light of CAIR’s ridiculous attack.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to thank President Trump for his boldness in pointing out the “great disparity” of treatment that benefits Muslims in America.

Click here to send your email to show support to President Trump in light of CAIR’s ridiculous attack.   (For all email clients.)  YAHOO works best in Yahoo Mobile App, not so well with internet browser.

This email will open in your email browser because donaldtrump.com is blocking normal form emails sent through the Florida Family Association email server.  If the above link does not open in your email browser or if the email is returned to you please prepare an email using the suggested subject line, content and email addresses provided below. Please feel free to change the wording.

Suggested subject line:

Thank you for addressing the great disparity that favors Islam over other faiths.

Suggested content:

Dear President Trump, Thank you for boldly addressing the great disparity between how authorities treat Muslims vs Christians.  There are many leftist mayors clamoring for Muslim votes who could act favorably regarding lockdown enforcement during Ramadan all the while the God hating, fake news sweeps such disparity under the rug.  Thank you for speaking the truth.

Email address:


Click here https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/#page  to send a message to President Trump.

Facebook your message to President Trump at https://www.facebook.com/DonaldTrump

Tweet your message to President Trump at https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump

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