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2020 Presidential Voter Guide.

Florida Family Association has prepared a 2020 Presidential Voter Guide.  The 2020 Presidential Voter Guide provides news reports that describe the positions of the two leading presidential candidates regarding issues that will impact most Americans.   

Florida Family Association’s core issues have been excluded from the voter guide to prevent violating IRS code.   Florida Family Association needs to be extra cautious that  the  issues  we  include  in  the  voter  guide  do  not qualify as “endorsing or opposing  a candidate in a manner that would violate IRS restrictions for 501C3 non-profit organizations.”

Please feel free to share the voter guide with family, friends, co-workers, etc.  You can email the link to others or print the two sided guide from the website and share it with whomever you choose.  

Click here to review Voter Guide

Link for sharing http://floridafamily.org/images/2020%20Presidential%20Voter%20Guide.pdf

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