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Confronting All-American Muslim show shed light on the threat Islam and revealed more darkness in the American media. Millions saw our message. Over 1,105,000 emails collectively sent to all advertisers of the show.


David Caton
Executive Director

Confronting All-American Muslim show shed light on the threat Islam and revealed more darkness in the American media. 
Millions saw our message. 
Over 1,105,000 emails collectively sent to all advertisers of the show.



Dear friend,

Florida Family Association’s efforts to influence advertisers not to support The Learning Channel’s propaganda show All-American Muslim drew tremendous national attention most of this week.

I was interviewed about our position on this show by dozens of news organizations.  I knew that many of these organizations would not report our position fairly nonetheless they were going to report on it anyway so we wanted to at least present our message to whatever degree we could in their news.

And present our message we did to millions of Americans who need to know about the advancement of Islam with its Sharia code of conduct.  

We hit a new record for emails sent through our sever.  Close to 1,105,000 emails have been collectively sent thus far to the companies that advertised during All-American Muslim.

ABC, NBC, CBS, AP and numerous other organizations covered Florida Family Association’s efforts to confront the propaganda in All-American Muslim.  As expected, most news organizations abused their need to objectively report the issue by changing the facts.  And some media took their game plan right out of the playbook that homosexual activists use by calling anyone who expresses concern about the threat of Islam a hatemonger.

CBS News falsely claimed that I said "99.9 percent of Muslims agree with the principles of Sharia law."  I never said that during any interview.  I do not believe that of Muslims in America.  What I said was “most dictionaries define Muslim as ‘A believer in or adherent of Islam’ that Sharia law is the Islamic code of conduct for Muslims and I beg them to find any imams or clerics in the mosques of America that would sign a pact stating that they would never enforce Sharia law on any American including Muslim Americans.”  I also said that “I would do cartwheels and handstands if the imams and clerics of American mosques were like many of the depictions of the Muslims in All-American Muslim.”  We have NOTHING against Muslims.  We just want to make sure that only American laws are enforced in America and that Islamic code or Sharia law does NOT change our way of life or diminish our liberty.

NONE of the hosts that interviewed me competently responded with any facts to counter this troubling contention, that most of the hierarchy of Islam wants Sharia law to govern where they live.  This is the heart of the issue.  It deeply concerns most Americans who want to keep their liberty and freedoms.

All most all of the media focused on making Lowes the target of their wrath while ignoring the fact that Home Depot was the first company to acknowledge in writing that they have no plans to advertise again during the show.   Click here to read Home Depots email.  

One national television news organization host blatantly lied in his challenge to my comments that Home Depot had pulled their advertising.  He said at the end of the interview without giving me a chance to counter that “Home Depot never advertised during the show and we are waiting to hear from Home Depot on this issue.”  

However, the Associate Press December 13th article added to our position when they reported “Atlanta-based Home Depot, which was cited by Florida Family Association as a company that stopped advertising, said Monday that it never intended to run any ads during the show. But spokesman Stephen Holmes said one commercial ran "’inadvertently and without our knowledge.’"  Home Depot clearly states that they do not want to be on All-American Muslim but the company is ignored by the biased media.  Click here to read Associated Press report. 

We have been the target of much hostility with cyber attacks and hate calls and emails.  The group Anonymous violated federal law by attacking Floridafamily.org.  Our web master shut down our web site for a day, tightened security and returned us to the web.  Thankfully we are back online.  Additionally, I have received hundreds of emails and dozens of phone calls from people attacking my character and some making threats.

Please pray for our country.  More people need to wake up to the fact that Islam and those who practice some of it’s deviant rules have been doing so for thousands of years and are a threat world wide including America.

Please consider supporting our efforts by clicking here to make a tax deductible, confidential gift online or mailing your gift to Florida Family Association, PO Box 46547, Tampa, FL 33646.  

Thank you.


David Caton
Executive Director
Florida Family Association

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