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Low attendance, 70% drop in children and a decrease in Gay Day patron visibility and revelry means the warning banners and their implications of the event made a huge difference for families with children.

The primary objective of this project is to warn families before they expose their children to Gay Day at Disney patrons' revelry and before they pay Disney for parking and admission.  

Thanks to generous donations from people across the country totaling $17,510, Florida Family Association flew two aircraft all day Thursday, June 5th and all day Friday, June 6th and one aircraft from 8 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday, June 7th to warn families about Gay Day at Disney which was held on Saturday.   

Florida Family Association reports the following regarding Gay Day at Disney 2014:

Most important of all, fewer children were in the park. 

  • Approximately 15% of the patrons were children.  Given this was the first Saturday of Summer the ratio of children to adults should have been 50-50 or more. 
  • There were NO domestic student or school groups present. 

Overall attendance was significantly lower than what it should have been on the first Saturday of Summer. 

  • Attendance should have been another 20,000 to 25,000. 
  • There were no lines for attractions. 
  • 2014 attendance was equal to or less than the 2013 attendance which was also low.

Disney changed operations in a manner that initially caused difficulty in accessing attendance.

  • Disney partially filled parking lots before opening new ones this year instead of completely filling them one at a time.  Parking was time measured in prior years to calculate attendance. 
  • Disney also closed the monorail at the beginning of the day forcing everyone to take the ferry.  This created a backlog of people which presented a false impression of high attendance.
  • However, once inside the park the low attendance for the first Saturday of summer was clearly evident. 

Additionally, there was an extraordinarily large number of Gay Day patrons who arrived at opening time compared to prior years.  Nearly fifty percent of the early arrivals were Gay Day patrons indicating that organizers may have promoted a major push for attendance and/or colluded with Disney’s change in parking operations.

Gay Day patrons reigned in their attire and conduct. 

  • No graphic or explicit shirts or hats were observed. 
  • Only 20 red “Gay Day 24” t-shirts were counted compared to hundreds in prior years. 
  • Almost half of the Gay Day patrons did not wear the identifying RED shirts and many of those who did wear RED shirts did not wear Gay Day worded shirts but wore other mainstream message shirts.   
  • The revelry and public displays witnessed at past Gay Days was almost nonexistent on June 7th.
  • Clearly, Gay Day organizers worked hard to minimize issues which made their presence in the Magic Kingdom less noticeable and therefore less offensive to mainstream families with children. 

Low overall attendance, a 70 % drop in children and a significant decrease in Gay Day patron visibility and revelry means the warning banners and their implications of the event made a huge difference for families with children.

Supporters all across America donated $17,510 exclusively for this project.  The cost of the contract with Aerial Messages to pull the banners is $17,000.  The remaining $510 will pay for costs associated with monitoring the event.

A SPECIAL THANK   YOU  to   everyone  who supported  this  project.  Supporters all across America  donated  $17,510  exclusively for this project which is the largest amount donated in four years.  This  increased  giving  allowed  Florida Family Association to cover two full days before the event with two planes.

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