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348 out of 415 companies have stopped advertising on The ReidOut, Joy Reid on MSNBC, one of the most racist and pro-Critical Race Theory shows on television.

Report date as of March 31, 2023.

Joy Reid supports defund the police movement, defends Black Lives Matter riots, promotes reparations, advocates Critical Race Theory and disparages white people especially Christian white people.  Joy Reid’s show on MSNBC epitomizes the harmful elements of Critical Race Theory (CRT).  Reid is so prolific with anti-white hate speech that Tucker Carlson on Fox News calls her “the race lady.”  The ReidOut’s host, sit in hosts and  some contributors  practice  anti-white  labeling  that   is offensive, racist and likely inspires hate among some viewers of this show.

Why is this campaign important?  The ReidOut, Joy Reid on MSNBC, is one of the most racist and pro-Critical Race Theory shows on television.  Florida Family Association's first objective is to successfully encourage these companies to stop advertising.  When companies stop advertising on The ReidOut because of our concerns it is a repudiation of her show in the market place. However, the second objective which is just as important if not more important is that these companies need to know that there are many people, many consumers, who are adamantly opposed to Critical Race Theory and the Black Lives Matter movement.  Many of these companies are embracing or considering Critical Race Theory in their own policies.   Our office emails and the emails from thousands of our supporters counter the leftist pressure on these companies to embrace Critical Race Theory.  Apart from our campaign regarding The ReidOut these companies may never receive a significant number of opposing comments regarding Critical Race Theory.

Three hundred forty eight (348) out of four hundred fifteen (415) companies (84%) stopped advertising on The ReidOut as of March 31, 2023 after being encouraged to stop spending customer money on the program’s anti-white racist show that supports critical race theory.  Florida Family Association started contacting companies that advertised on The ReidOut show in November 2021.  This quarter's results showed more improvement over the prior quarter.  29 more companies (348-319) stopped advertising since the December 31, 2022 report.  3 fewer companies continued to advertise in the first quarter of 2023.  71 companies continued to advertise in the fourth quarter of 2022 compared   to   68 companies in the first quarter of 2023. The companies that Stopped Advertising and the companies that Continued Advertising are listed at the bottom of this article. 

Florida Family Association cannot fight ALL of the anti-white woke racist shows but we can fight the worst one with ALL we got.  Florida Family Association will have a tougher time convincing some companies to drop advertising on The ReidOut compared to the success with HuffPost.  There are more companies that will be inclined to advertise on The ReidOut compared to HuffPost.  Unlike HuffPost, some  advertisers may want the woke accolades The ReidOut offers for embracing Critical Race Theory, Black Lives Matter and anti-white bigotry as well as providing perceived protection from attacks by the left.

Here are some examples of the racist content of The ReidOut:

Joy Reid’s March 29, 2023 show headlined “Religious Right Targets Transgender Americans – Transgender Americans Under Siege” just days after a transgender killed  three  children and three staff members at a Christian School.  Reid’s reckless lies could have fueled trans hate  even more for Christians just in time for the Antifa sponsored “Trans Day of Vengeance.  Stop Trans Genocide.  April 1st at 11:00 am.  Assemble at Scotus.  Wear a mask.  Bring a Buddy.”  Where is Reid's  concern  about  the  violent  Antifa  group rallying trans people against other Americans?

Joy Reid attacked white people and denigrated Judeo-Christian values when she said on her March 10, 2023 show 'If it ain't white, it ain't right in DeSantistan' in her attack on the Florida legislation.  Reid outright attacked white people.  She also denigrated Judeo-Christian values by her use of the "stan" vernacular in an attempt to equate the conservative values of Florida white people to Islamic radicals in Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.

Joy Reid continues to deliberately mislead her viewers with anti white racist propaganda in her quest to trash Ron DeSantis.  Joy Reid mislead her viewers with an uncorrected version of Washington Post article on DeSantis' education law.  MSNBC host Joy Reid opened the January 31, 2023  show with a condemnation of Gov. Ron DeSantis’, R-Fla., education law by citing a Washington Post report that was previously corrected with comments from the Florida Board of Education.  Reid neglected to reference how the same article she cited was later corrected after a comment from the Florida Department of Education because it did not fit her anti white racist narrative.

The night before Thanksgiving 2022 Joy Reid started her show with a tirade to “unpack the myth of Thanksgiving.”  She started with characterizing the first Thanksgiving with indigenous people as lies.  She moved on to allude to the white people who first came to America brought slaves.  She said that power moved to the KKK and then to today’s white supremacists.   The New York Post published an article detailing this account titled:  MSNBC’s Joy Reid blasts ‘fairytale’ of Thanksgiving, links holiday to slavery.  The article reports in part:  “Controversial MSNBC host Joy Reid waged war on Thanksgiving ahead of the cherished national holiday, claiming it’s a ‘simplistic fairytale’ perpetuated by the right to hide how the US was really founded on ‘genocide’ and ongoing ‘white supremacy.’

Joy Reid called Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a racist segregationist on September 30, 2022 for warning would be looters that Florida is a law and order state.    “We are a law and order state, and this is a law and order community,” DeSantis said while speaking at a press conference in Fort Myers on Friday. “So do not think that you’re going to take advantage of people who’ve suffered misery.  Don’t even think about looting, I can tell you in the state of Florida, you never know what may be lurking behind somebody’s home,” DeSantis later said. “And I would not want to chance that if I were you — given that we’re a Second Amendment state.”  To which Joy Reid said “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”—segregationist Miami sheriff Walter E. Headley, 1967,” MSNBC host Joy Reid said. “Didn’t take DeSantis long to return to form.”  Apparently Joy Reid thinks only black people loot?

Joy Reid promoted the book “White Too Long” on her July 28, 2022 episode with the author telling her audience that “white (emphasized) Christian Nationalism is what the threat is before us.”  Robert P. Jones authored the book titled “White Too Long – The legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity.”  Jones, another guest on The ReidOut spewing hate filled lies about white Christians, also authored the book “The End of White Christian American.”

Joy Reid promoted a film which she is co-executive producer of that pushes reparations for “discrimination even still today because of the color of our skin.”  The July 17, 2022 episode of The Reid Out promoted the film “The Big Pay Back.”  The heading on the episode read “New film explores reparation activism in Evanston, IL.”  Film Director Erika Alexander interviewed Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee who is sponsoring HR 40 titled Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act.  Alexander said “The thought was why not do here at a local level (Evanston, IL) while HR 40 is working through its process through your leadership.  We could have layers of repair and layers of remedy because we know damages yes were rooted in slavery but it looks like discrimination even still today because of the color of our dark skin.”  Reid said “And I should mention that my husband Jason and I are among the co-executive producers of that film.”

Joy Reid’s May 27, 2022 episode included a segment titled “Faith and America’s Gun Culture” which essentially degraded people of faith and the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Joy Reid defends Black Lives Matter riots.

Joy Reid supports the Defund the Police movement.

Joy Reid shamefully blamed “right wing politicians and  Fox News hosts” on her May 17, 2022 show for the horrific shooting in Buffalo by a madman.  The print under her video stated “Right wing deflects blame for Buffalo shootings.”  She said in part regarding this segment “The right wing politicians and Fox news hosts who have been pushing the racist great replacement theory well now they’re deflecting and pretending that somehow they THEY are the real victims.”

Joy Reid had Anthea Butler, a professor of religion and the chair of the University of Pennsylvania Department of Religious Studies, on the May 9, 2022 episode of The ReidOut to promote her racist book titled “White Evangelical Racism” as part of Reid’s discussion on Roe v Wade.  Butler falsely contends that it was racism, not abortion, that bonded white evangelical Christians with ancestry going back to the early time of colonial America.  Butler erroneously asserts, while sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and transphobia are currently woven into White evangelical ideology, the centrality of anti-Black racism imbues every facet of its belief system and political outlook.

On the April 25, 2022 episode of The ReidOut Reid’s guest Anand Giridharadas called Elon Musk and all white Twitter users racists and Joy Reid lashed at all white Twitter users on the right as racists.  Reid’s guest Anand Giridharadas said in part “Elon Musk lives in a world in which the only kind of free speech is white men feeling free to say whatever the hell they want.”  Reid said in part “The right has made multiple attempts to remake Twitter and never works because the thing is they don’t want to talk to each other.  They want to talk to us.  They want to talk to the culture.  If they were where black Twitter was not being because they couldn’t attack black twitter.”

Joy Reid berated white Christians again for being racists on her MSNBC show “The ReidOut” on March 7, 2022. Reid argued that the only reason "the world" cares about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is because it's happening to a "white and largely Christian" nation.  She said “We don’t need to ask ourselves if our response would be the same if Russia unleashed their horror on a country that wasn’t white and largely Christian.”

Mark Levin of the Life, Liberty and Levin show on Fox News said during his November 14, 2021 program: “It is my contention that many of the major media platforms in this country are racist and anti-Semitic.  And that is part of the problem with this country.  They bring in contributors and guests and if not have hosts and so forth who spread this poison.”

Joy Reid said on her November 19, 2021 show regarding the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict:  "When we’re watching the criminal justice system at work it is designed to do exactly what it did today.  Gun laws helped to enhance the design to allow this verdict to happen today.  This country was built on the idea of white men having a particular kind of freedom a particular kind of citizenship that only they have.  That give from the slave catchers on the right to inflict violence in the name of protecting property."

Additionally, hurling insults at white people, Reid asked a guest named Paul a question regarding Kyle Rittenhouse taking the stand in his own defense “… could any child of color or person of color ever ever ever do that on a stand and get away with it.  To which Paul answered “…this is white privilege on steroids.

Mark Levin aired part of the November 4, 2021 episode of The ReidOut show in which a regular guest had this to say about Winsome Sears winning the Lt. Governor race in Virginia.  “There is a black mouth moving but a white idea through the – running on the runway of the tongue of a figure who justifies and legitimates the white supremacist practices,” Michael Dyson, a regular MSNBC contributor, said on the network’s The ReidOut with Joy Reid. 

Yahoo news published an article titledWinsome Sears Unloads on MSNBC’s Joy Reid: ‘Get Your Facts Straight’   The article reports in part:  Winsome Sears — the first woman and first woman of color elected lieutenant governor of Virginia on Tuesday night — called out Joy Reid after watching the MSNBC host describe the GOP as “dangerous.”

“I wish Joy Reid would invite me on her show — let’s see if she’s woman enough to do that — I’d go in a heartbeat and we’d have a real discussion without Joy speaking about me behind my back, if you will,” Sears said during her appearance on Fox’s “The Story with Martha MacCallum” Wednesday afternoon.

“[Reid] talks about white supremacy,” Sears continued. “Does she know that I ran against a white supremacist? I mean Joy come on. Get your facts straight and then come talk to me. I’m waiting for you.”

MacCallum asked Sears to respond to a segment in which Reid described the GOP as “stoking that kind of soft white nationalism.”  Reid said this after Republican Glenn Youngkin won Virginia’s gubernatorial race against Democrat Terry McAuliffe Tuesday night.

“You have to be willing to vocalize that these Republicans are dangerous,” Reid said on MSNBC Live as the election results rolled in. “That this isn’t a party that’s just another political party that disagrees with us on tax policy,” said Reid. “That at this point, they’re dangerous. They’re dangerous to our national security because stoking at kind of soft white nationalism eventually leads to the hardcore stuff.”

Joy Reid falsely labeled white conservatives in March 2021 when she said:  ‘I'll say it again: people on the right would trade all the tax cuts for the ability to openly say the n-word like in 'the good old days. To them, not being able to be openly racist and discriminatory without consequence is oppression.”

Fox News published a report titled:  “MSNBC's Joy Reid dismisses focus on Gabby Petito case as 'missing White woman syndrome'” in which Reid racistly disparages the highly publicized case. 

Reid compared Kyle Rittenhouse to Brett Kavanaugh slamming both men as “Karens” and claiming they both benefited from ingenuine “white male tears.”   She said “It reminded a lot of people of something … Oh, the Brett Kavanaugh hearing.  It was Bret Kavanaugh who had been accused by a high school friend (lie she was not a friend) of committing sexual abuse of her.  Kavanaugh cried his way through the hearings to make him a permanent member of the United States Supreme Court.  And his [Kavanaugh’s] tears turned out to be more powerful than the tears of Christine Blasey Ford (his accuser.)  But in America, there’s a thing about both white vigilantism and white tears, particularly male white tears.  Really white tears in general, because, that’s what Karens are, right?  They can Karen out and then as soon as they get caught, bring waterworks.” 

Tiffany Cross sitting in for Joy Reid on November 3, 2021, the day after the elections, made these racist and false statements:  

"This is about the fact that a good chunk of voters out there are okay with white supremacy."  

“Racists have always felt comfortable in the Republican Party. People who traffic in white supremacy have always felt comfortable here.”

“…when you do see overwhelmingly white women staying loyal to a party that will have an adverse impact on their life, just like it will people of color, and white people overwhelmingly voting for policies that have an adverse impact on all of our lives, I mean, I got to ask, what do we do about this?”

Jason Whitlock, appearing on Mark Levin’s November 14, 2021 show, said in part:  “When there is an attack on the truth it is an attack on God.  There is a massive attack on the truth in this country and that is an attack on God.  They (leftists) are masking and packaging their hatred of God in this ‘we’re here to fix racism.’”

Joy Reid’s tweet comparing Christians to the Taliban appears to capture some of the “God hating narrative of the left” that Jason Whitlock describes.   Fox News reports:  MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid came under fire Saturday for comparing the religious right in the United States to the Taliban, claiming they want to force women "solely into childbirth" and out of the workforce.  "This is the real-life Handmaid’s Tale," Reid tweeted, comparing the situation in Afghanistan to the novel and dystopian drama series "The Handmaid's Tale," where women are portrayed as property and forced to bear children.   "A true cautionary tale for the U.S., which has our own far religious right dreaming of a theocracy that would impose a particular brand of Christianity, drive women from the workforce and solely into childbirth, and control all politics," the tweet continued.

348 companies that Stopped Advertising as of March 31, 2023.

4imprint Golden Corral Procter and Gamble
A&E Networks Golden Gate Capital Progressive Corporation
AARP Goux Progrexion CreditRepair
Abbott Laboratories GovX Publishers Clearing House
AbbVie Inc Grainger PureTech Health
Acorns Greenlight Financial Technology Quicken Loans
Adore Me Grove Collaborative Quincy Bioscience
ADP Guthy-Renker CrepeErase Reckitt Benckiser Neuriva
Aetna Hampton Direct Redfin
American Edge Project HandsFree Labs Kizik Regeneron Pharma
American Express Company Health Insurance Innovations RhinoSystems
American Home Shield hearX USA Lexie  Rhodes Financial Tax Slayer
American Securities Hims RingCentral
Amphastar Primatene Mist Hint Water RiseMark Brands
Angelini Pharma Home Box Office Rosetta Stone
Applied Biological Laboratories Home Depot Rothys
ASPCA Home Instead Rowpar Pharma CloSYS
AT&T HomeLight Royal Caribbean Cruises
Athletic Greens Honor Technology Rue La La
Aurobindo MidNite Sleep Help Horizon Group USA Ryder Systems
Autism Speaks Horizon Therapeutics Isitted, Tepeeza Salesforce
Automatic Data Processing Hungryroot Sandals Resort
Avadim Tech theraworx Hyundai Motor America ScottsMiracle Gro
Avocado Mattress IAC Angi, Match, Our time Scribd
Away Travel Ibotta SeatGeek
Barr Brands DampRid Icon Health and Fitness SelectQuote
Benefytt Medicarecoveragehelp Idealagent.com Self Financial
Best Western Idorsia Pharma Quviviq SendaCake
Best Western  Imperfect Foods Senedia buildsubmarines.com
Biohaven Pharmaceuticals InnerScope Hearing hearingassist Servpro
BioLargo IntraCellular Ther Caplyta Share Our Strength
Birthdate.co Intuit Quickbooks Sheer Science
Bite Tooth Paste Bits Iowa Economic Dev Auth Showtime
Blackstone Products Jacuzzi Shriners Hospital
BlendJet JD Mellberg Financial Simplot
Blue Apron Jerry Insurance Agency Simplot Ore Ida
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Asso JG Wentworth Singlecare.com
Bluestem Brands JibJab.com Sinomax
BMW Group of North America Kajabi SiriusXM Radio
Boehringer Ingelheim Jardiance Kalorik USA buyspurtles Smartasset.com
Bosley Medical Keller Postman SmartNews
Boxed Kimberly Clark Poise, Depends Social Finance SOFI
Bridges Consumer Healthcare KiwiCo Society for Human Resource Mgt
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Knix SoClean
Campbell Posture Cane Kohler Solo Brands
Capsule.com KPMG International Limited Spark Networks silversingles.com
Carmax Kraft Heinz  St Jude Childrens
Carparts.com Lavazza Stanley Steemer
Carshield LaZBoy Startengine
Casper Leaf Home Solutions Stash
Centene Enrollwellcare Legacybox Stihl
Certified Financial Planner Board Lending Tree Strides Consumer
Ceva Sante Animale Feliway Lesson Nine Subaru
Charles Schwab and Company LetsGetChecked Sunshine Makers Simple Green
Chevron EGO Power LG Electronics LG WashTower Swift Maint Supply Flex Seal
Chime Lions Gate Entertainment Tailored Brands Mens Wearhouse
Choice Hotels ListenLively Takeda Pharma
ChromaDex Tru Niagen Lively Hearing Aids Tally Technologies
Church and Dwight LL Flooring Holdings Teladoc Health betterhelp
Cigna Long John Silvers Tempo
Cisco Systems Love Your Teeth Tempur Sealy
Citigroup Lucid Motors The Aspen Group Aspen Dental
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Luxury Escapes The Bancorp
Constant Contact M1 Finance The Cookware Co Blue Diamond
Contour Swan Made In The Farmers Dog
CoStar Group apartments.com Magic Spoon The Middleby Corporation
Covenant House safeplacesleep Manscaped The Realreal
Creative Planning Maplebear The Stagwell Group
CreditAssociates Marcari Russotto Spencer and Balaban TheraBreath
CrowdStrike Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Thrive Market
Cubii Mattress Firm Thuma
Dave Mayo Clinic Titan Holdings
Deere and Company McCormick and Co Tivity Health
DentalPlans.com Merck and Company Tommie Copper
Diageo North America Mesobook Tommy John
Dine Brands Applebees Metaflow ltd Tonal
Discover Metro Goldwyn Mayer Touch of Modern
Discover Card Michaels Tovala
Disney Marvel Mishan and Sons Tractor Supply Company
Dormeo North America Miso Robotics Trendstar Sensor Brite Solar 
Dr Scholls Mixtiles Tristar Products
Dr Wolff Group Alpecin Morgan Stanley Etrade trivago
DraftKings Movado Group mvmt.com Troika Media Grp camplejeunevictims 
DSM AZO, Estroven Move.com Realtor.com Truebill
Eargo Musely Trust and Will
Edible Arrangements My Nuzzle Uber
Elevance Health N Hance Udemy
Empire Today Nano Hearing Aids UKG
Empower Nature Conservancy Uncommon Goods
Endurance Warranty Negligence Network Underdog Fantasy
Enova International OnDeck Neighbor.com Unilever
Etsy Nerdwallet United Parcel Services
Evergreen Enterps of Virginia Nestle Freshly Upgrade
Everlywell Neurocrine Biosciences Ingrezza Upstart.com
Everything Breaks NIC Industries Cerakote Upwork
Evolution Finance Nissan North America  Urovant Sciences Gemtesa
Exact Sciences  Cologuard Noom Viatris
Expedia Group Northland Fulfillment Hydro Mousse  ViiV Healthcare Dovato
Fanatics nflshop.com Northwestern Mutual Virgin Group
Farmers Group Nutribullet Volkswagen
Fastsigns Ollie Voya
Federal Express Ontel Battery Daddy VSP Global
Feeding America OOFOS Vuori Clothing
Fidelity Investments Opendoor Brokerage Walgreens
Figure Home Equity Line Our Place Warby Parker
Firstleaf Panera Bread Wayfair
Fiserv Paragon Prod yummycanbacon Weight Watchers
Fiverr Patriot Software White Heart Legal
Force Factor Paw.com Wix
fractureme.com Pella Wolf and Shepherd
Freedom Debt Relief Pepsico Lipton Tea Workhuman
Fresh N Lean Physicians Mutual World Wildlife Fund
Fundrise PNC Bank Yeti
Generac Holdings PODS Zebra Insurance
General Motors Principal Financial Group Zero Technologies
Godaddy.com PrizePicks Zulily

68 companies that Continued Advertising as of March 31, 2023.  (Linked names have active email campaigns.)

ADT JPMorgan Chase
A Place for Mom Kardia AliveCor
AARP KeepSake Frames
Allstate Corporation Liberty Mutual
Amazon Prime Video Lifetime Value Ownerly
Ancestry.com Lume Deodorant
Argenx Vyvgart Maune Raichle Hartley
AstraZeneca Prilosec, Farxiga, Mercy Ships
Bausch Health Lumify Novartis Entresto
Bombas Novo Nordisk Rybelsus, Ozempic
Booking Hldgs kayak, book Nutrafol
Carfax.com NutriSystem
Clear Choice Dental Nuts.com
Consumer Cellular Operation Smile
Coursera Pulte Group Del Webb
Coventry Direct Quten Research Qunol
DealDash Revela
Dish - Sling Ring.com
Endo Intern Xiaflex Roman
Facebook Saatva
Ford Lincoln Aviator Navigator Safelite
Gen Digital Reputation Defender Sanofi Dupixent, Garlique
GenStone Similasan iVIZIA
Gilead Biktarvy Simplisafe
GlaxoSmithKline Shingrix Skechers USA
GN Hearing Jabra Sleep Number
Groove Life Stamps.com
Haleon Sensodyne Flonaes  Stellantis Dodge
Hisamitsu Pharma Salon PAS Telebrands
HomeServe United Healthcare
IdeaVillage Copper Fit UPM Pharma Blue Emu
Il Makiage Weathertech
Innovation Refunds Whisker litter-robot.com
Inspire Sleep Xchair

Progress by month

  To Date Number of  Percentage of  
  Companies companies that companies that Number of companies
  Contacted stopped advertising stopped advertising that kept advertising
March 216 154 71% 62
Aril 253 187 74% 66
May 285 214 75% 71
June 303 224 74% 79
September 349 266 76% 83
December 390 319 82% 71
March 415 348 84% 68

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