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For Advocacy issues (where we suggest you take action by sending emails to corporate or elected officials) you can follow the quick and easy instructions on the screen.

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Disappointed in Puls advertising support for divisive media.
Southwest Airlines refuted Fatima Altakrouri publicized complaint which wrongfully demanded the firing of an innocent, rule following flight attendant.
Very disappointed that LeafFilters spends customer dollars on divisive vitriol and Islamist propaganda.
I hope the bad news report regarding Hasbro is not true.
Please deploy as many of the 19,000 Texas National Guards as it takes to seal the border now.
Very disappointed that Discovery Communications spends customer dollars on divisive vitriol and Islamist propaganda.
Jacqueline Battalora’s declaration that all white Americans are racist is abhorrent.
Coke is too woke for me.
Disappointed that Liberty Mutual spends customer money on contrived, divisive theater that inspires hate.
Disappointed that your company spends customer money on contrived, divisive theater that inspires hate.
It is very encouraging to see Florida consider divesting state funds from big tech censors.
Vaseline ad supporting Black Lives Matter is over the top and irresponsible.
American Airlines support for Black Lives Matter is irresponsible.
Goodyear bias against Blue Lives and All Lives is outrageous.
I support Mark Kevin Lloyd’s First Amendment Right to speak the truth.
These seeds of wrath and hate being embedded in children must be taken more seriously by Philadelphia.
Will citizens place the same level of trust and respect that they would for a police officer wearing values neutral attire?
Very concerned about the sale of Sharia mandated Halal chicken in the USA?
The orchestration of school children calling for the shedding of Jewish blood requires a thorough investigation.
Please promptly and fully report details of investigation of video of anti Semitic and violent songs by Philadelphia Muslim children.
Very disappointed that a Stanford Hotels property hosted a fundraiser for terror linked CAIR with anti-Semitic speaker.
I am very disappointed that Cue Ball Capital invested in the oppressive, Sharia mandated hijab.
Very disappointed that Levi Strauss used oppressive hijab and niqab to promote freedom in vote ad.
Will Hyatt actually comply with Sharia law by banning groups that criticize Islam?
Macys sale of hijab friendly fashion line means that I will be shopping elsewhere.
Texas Commission on Law Enforcement please make public safety the priority over political correctness
Please do not ban books that benefit our national security as demanded by CAIR.
Please stand firm for the policy that requires removal of headgear during official arrest photographs.
Nike sale a specialized hijab makes it more difficult for Muslim women to break free from Sharia law.
Very disappointed that Rosen Hotels and Resorts hosted the Council on American-Islamic Relations Florida fundraiser.
Very disappointed that Norwalk Inn and Conference Center hosted a fundraiser for terror linked CAIR.
Please stop publishing Islamophobia propaganda at Georgetown University which suppresses speech and weakens public safety.
Very disappointed that Ambridge Hospitality owned Embassy Suites hosted CAIR fundraiser.
Alarmed that Marriott Springfield Country Club hosted event with Dzhokhar-Tsarnaevs imam who shared ties with senior al qaeda operative.

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